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To What Extent Is Simplicity A Powerful Tool For Resolving Problems?

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To What Extent Is Simplicity A Powerful Tool For Resolving Problems?


Indicating something is simple, uncomplicated, conventional, or organic: Life was straightforward for the elderly. Being simple is a state of having simplicity. Things that are simple to describe or grasp appear complex when contrasted with more complex ones. On the other hand, according to Herbert A. Simon, the choice of words determines how complicated or straightforward something is.

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Can You Define Simplicity?

The idea of simplicity is connected to epistemology and philosophy of science (as in Occam’s Razor, for example). Concepts like divine simplicity also serve as religious reflections on the value of simplicity. 

For some people, leading a simple life means not worrying about possessing too many material goods or being too preoccupied with other things. As in the insulting phrase “simplest,” the term can have a negative meaning in specific contexts.

The capacity to “ruthlessly prioritize,” to say “no” when needed, to be willing to iterate when necessary, to distill communication to the crucial aspects of a message, the capability to involve a team and a position for managers who favor simplicity.

Collinson recognized all the managers who have a natural inclination towards simplicity. The Global Simplicity Index 2011, authored by him, was a pioneering study aimed at quantifying the financial impact of complexity on the largest multinational corporations. 

When It Comes To Solving Problems, Why is Simplicity So Effective?

When it comes to fixing problems, simplicity is a powerful tool. Clean, uncomplicated solutions are:

  • Simple to grasp

  • Dedicated to what’s truly important
  • More rapid testing and adaptation are Simpler to manage, yet complexity bias is a real problem when dealing with humans!
  • The human tendency to favor complex solutions over simpler ones is known as complexity bias. Big problems require specific expertise and work to resolve, so a seemingly easy fix appears implausible.
  • We mistakenly believe that more elaborate answers demonstrate more mastery of the material. We think that providing detailed responses will impress people and increase their faith in us.
  • In actuality, though, complicated solutions are only sometimes the best.

Let’s examine how we can overcome our complexity bias and accept solutions that are easier to understand.

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Simple to grasp


Complex answers are typically seen as a way for people to appear knowledgeable. On the other hand, people are impressed when you simplify a complicated problem that seems intractable.

From what I’ve seen, getting everyone on the same page requires fully grasping the issue and its potential resolution. Mentally checking out or dismissing something is more common among people who don’t comprehend it.

  •  A straightforward answer is easy to persuade and gain support from. “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.” goes the political adage.
  • Clear and concise communication is another crucial strategy. Use less complicated terminology. Refrain from using technical terms or inflammatory language. Divide the big idea into smaller, more manageable chunks if you need help grasping it
  • . “Explain it to me like I’m five” is a common expression. If the solution requires you to be an expert, your audience will likely lose interest.

Dedicated to what’s truly important

According to the Pareto principle, twenty percent of an effort yields eighty percent of the outcome. Many refer to these 20 percent as “the vital few.”

Staying focused on “the vital few” will help you avoid wasting resources and creating excessive amounts. Doing so will make you compelled to focus on what is genuinely essential.

  • You can also solve issues within 80% of the time. Those issues, however, are distractions. They are superficial, and fixing them won’t solve the underlying problem or make a big difference.
  • Problematically, when things go wrong, we sometimes need help understanding why. Also, if you ask various people in a group, they may have different ideas about the problem.

So, how does one determine the importance of things? Who tells you what to concentrate on?

  • First and foremost, you must always keep in sight the end objective. Give top priority to approaches that accomplish the purpose with the fewest possible steps.
  • Take the hypothetical situation of attempting to enhance your company’s hiring procedure as an example. Your goal in recruiting should be to maximize the speed and efficiency with which you attract top talent.
  • It’s safe to assume that many have numerous suggestions for enhancing the hiring process. But remember to keep things simple: you want to attract top applicants. The other issues are real and significant, but you should keep them from consuming your attention.

Occasionally, choosing the fastest and simplest solution is the most favorable choice. Although it may be enjoyable, there are more effective methods for problem-solving than generating excessively inventive concepts.

Get Out of Self Pity

Quicker to evaluate and modify

Less time and resources are needed to construct a simple solution, which is a significant advantage.

With this flexibility, you can quickly and easily test out small ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. The quicker you receive comments and make changes, the faster you can finish your solution.

Implementing a complex solution usually requires more time and a lot more moving parts. Picture a house of cards or a Jenga game. Every new component could cause havoc with the others. (And occasionally, it can collapse the whole thing!)

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  • The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a methodology for developing products. Developing a minimum viable product (MVP) aims to get input from a select set of early adopters by creating a product with just the necessary features to meet their needs. As a result, product teams may gather data and make adjustments with little outlay of resources.
  • If you start small, you can always add more later. There is always room for growth as you go. Commencing with the notion of “satisfactory” is an excellent concept. Implementing a project in incremental stages allows you to guide it effectively towards the desired outcome. Adapting to the concept of “Built to address every possibility” will require more time and effort. 
  • Sometimes, you need a detailed, ideal solution before you can even start. The majority of office issues, however, do not involve matters of paramount importance. Therefore, seize the chance to grow and learn. If you wish to accomplish your objective, please include only those elements that are absolutely essential.

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Simple to clean

A workable solution that endures is better than a flawless one that nobody uses.

Because implementing a remedy would still result in a portion of the problem, the “Nirvana fallacy” holds that imperfect solutions should be avoided. It assumes that a perfect solution does exist.

People will either give up or take shortcuts if the solution is complex or the process includes too many steps. Picture this: you begin a project, turn to the directions, and see fifty distinct steps. Even before you start, you would be completely overwhelmed. Finding the sweet spot between complexity and user experience is essential.

This trickles down to tasks like document maintenance and training new employees. Simplicity reduces the likelihood of failure. Transferring, updating, and explaining simple solutions is more accessible.

In summary,

Only some solutions are ideal when it’s simple. Nevertheless, if you adopt a simplicity-first mentality, you’ll be able to focus on creating long-term solutions that are both successful and affordable. As a result, you’ll be better able to solve problems.

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