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How to Use These 101 Powerful Self Love Affirmations and Why They Will Make You Feel Better

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How to Use These 101 Powerful Self Love Affirmations and Why They Will Make You Feel Better

Self Love Affirmations

Everyone knows we love our friends, family, and relationships, but forgetting to remind ourselves is easy. Therein lies the power of self love affirmations. Affirmations of self-love are statements we say to ourselves in a positive, supportive, and uplifting. 

They can help us feel better about ourselves and end any negative self-talk we may be having, whether we’ve been feeling down or less confident recently. When we love ourselves, we treat ourselves with care and respect, and that’s where it all begins.

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“Self Love Affirmations” Are What?

Put an optimistic and upbeat cheerleader in your head if your inner critic often brings you down. We can do better than that pessimistic internal dialogue. Nah, I’m sorry.

Your brain’s neural circuits can be rewired to think more positively and confidently if you practice self-love affirmations regularly. 

Self-love affirmations are brief, uplifting remarks that you say to yourself. You have the choice of creating your affirmations or using some of the following. Feel free to test them out!

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Affirmations for self-love are an effective way to reprogram your ideas and access your subconscious. This can help with poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, or general self-talk.

Everyone, even young children, can benefit from them because they allow you to choose your affirmation(s).

Here is a list of one hundred and one self-love affirmations, along with suggestions for improving their efficacy.

Get Out of Self Pity

Affirmations for Loving Oneself: 101

Self Love Affirmations

  1. I feel sure.
  2. Yeah, I’m smart.
  3. I am smitten.
  4. My spirit is strong.
  5. Like everyone else, I have my flaws, and that’s alright.
  6. I am worthy of love and a relationship.
  7. I am giving.
  8. I like to give things some thought.
  9. I have strength.
  10. You are stunning.
  11. Regardless of my efforts, I shall perpetually possess imperfections.
  12. The way I interact with myself is totally within my control.
  13. I am content with my identity.
  14. My ambitions are fulfilled.
  15. The life I want is being built around me.
  16. How I treat myself now and each day is entirely up to me.
  17. I am fortunate to have supportive individuals in my life.
  18. Positive experiences enrich my life.
  19. What I can manage is my reaction; what I can’t change is my external surroundings.
  20. At this very moment, I am in my rightful place.
  21. The events develop precisely as expected.
  22. I should have a good time.
  23. I deserve to be connected.
  24. I should be able to relax.
  25. I deserve tranquillity.
  26. I deserve to be healthy.
  27. The life I desire is easily attainable.
  28. I have everything it takes to succeed.
  29. Right now, I am ideal, and I can only become better.
  30. Every person has room for growth, and I’m OK with that.
  31. I’m giving it my all.
  32. Job doesn’t define me.
  33. I suffice.
  34. I fearlessly plunge into the unpredictability of love, discomfort, and uncertainty.
  35. I see it as a chance to learn and develop resilience, self-love, and growth whenever I step outside my comfort zone.
  36. To put it simply, I adore myself.
  37. Kindness and respect are due to me.
  38. I am cautious and kind with my body.
  39. That is who I am.
  40. My friends and I both benefit from my friendship.
  41. You can love me no matter what.
  42. My aspirations are valid.
  43. The way I am is good.
  44. It is my right to be free from fear.
  45. Thank goodness my physique is in good shape.
  46. My curious mind is a blessing.
  47. Yes, I am here.
  48. All I have to do is pay attention to the present moment.
  49. I feel at ease and composed.
  50. I am capable of overcoming challenges.
  51. On this, I am proud.
  52. I am well and content.
  53. I have found my life’s calling.
  54. Be grateful for each day.
  55. I am elated.
  56. My heart is whole.
  57. I am certain.
  58. Being alive is a blessing.
  59. Daily, I demonstrate my best self.
  60. Love envelops me.
  61. I am incredibly fortunate.
  62. I am fully equipped.
  63. I always manage to get back up again.
  64. I am strong.
  65. I am going to keep going and move on.
  66. What formerly benefited me is now free to go.
  67. Adaptability is my strong suit.
  68. What I want is mine, and I will get it.
  69. Everyone can see my value.
  70. I exude assurance.
  71. When making a choice, I always have my highest good in mind.
  72. I am an exceptional human being.
  73. By myself, I rank first.
  74. To put it simply, I am my only fan.
  75. There is always something new for me to learn and cultivate.
  76. Resilience is a trait of mine.
  77. I am changing.
  78. I exude kindness and generosity.
  79. I am well aware of my optimal course of action.
  80. Because of who I am, I am thankful.
  81. With each passing day, I grow and improve.
  82. My needs come first.
  83. For me, it’s all about me.
  84. Confidence in myself is high.
  85. Intuition and my inner voice are heard by me.
  86. My highest self is speaking to me.
  87. I can always count on love.
  88. I am filled to the brim with love.
  89. I love myself every single day.
  90. I ensure my well-being.
  91. My soul is nourished by the things I accomplish.
  92. The confidence I have in myself is tangible.
  93. The things I believe in, I fight for.
  94. I go for the gold when it comes to healthy risks.
  95. To myself, I am important.
  96. My loved ones cherish me.
  97. By being here, I improve the world.
  98. I put my tranquillity first.
  99. Love has been the primary motivator in my life.
  100. Thanks be to God.
  101. Everything I desire is coming to me.

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The Process of Affirmations

Self Love Affirmations

You say affirmations to yourself to increase your self-love and positivity. Megan Bruneau, M.A., a therapist, says that positive affirmations can help anyone cope with challenging emotions and are especially useful for those who struggle with insecurities and self-criticism.

When self-love affirmations are properly implemented, they have the potential to reprogram the subconscious mind, which is where we store our detrimental core beliefs, such as feeling unlovable or fearing abandonment when our true selves are revealed to others.

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You Must Combine Affirmations With Action to Get The Most Out of Affirmations.

According to psychiatrist Anna Yusim, M.D., many of our more fundamental self-esteem issues reside in our subconscious minds. At the same time, affirmations function mainly at the conscious level.

“Affirmations are more effective when combined with sincere introspection and profound inner work that reaches the subconscious or unconscious level,” she emphasizes, highlighting the importance of “taking concrete steps to create the changes you’re affirming.”

Affirmations for self-love are like brain training: they help you break negative thought patterns and replace them with more positive ones. Affirmations become second nature when you make them a habit, and you’ll eventually believe them. You will learn to appreciate yourself more and more as your self-confidence increases.

According to Bruneau, with deliberate reprogramming, “we can rewire our neural pathways to default to a more self-compassionate and self-confident baseline.”

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  1. Write Out Your Self-Love Affirmations.

Bruneau and Tiana Leeds, M.A., LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, suggest writing down affirmations because it helps them feel more concrete. Writing your affirmations in your own words is another way Leeds suggests making them unique.

She recommends starting with an affirmation sentence stem-like ‘I am ______,’ ‘I am worthy of ______,’ or ‘I love ______,’ and filling it in with affirmations that feel most authentic to you. She also suggests rewriting your affirmations 10 times by hand to help your brain connect with each one.

  1. Have Trust in Them

Suppose you want your affirmations to have any genuine impact. In that case, it may help to begin with more gentle ones that you can genuinely believe in, as Bruneau and Leeds emphasize. If you don’t, the affirmations will appear fake and annoying, says Bruneau.

“For example,” According to Leeds, if you are trying to overcome workaholism but still struggle to believe in the affirmation ‘I am worthy of rest,’ you can begin by acknowledging that it is acceptable to take a break.” when I’m feeling depleted, and work your way up.” Or, as Bruneau suggests as an alternative, try “I accept my body” if you’re having trouble loving your physical self.

Rephrasing your affirmations as questions is another technique to increase their credibility. Mindbodygreen previously heard therapist Mollie Aklepi, LMSW, say, “Open-ended questions such as,

  •  Why am I great?” 
  • or How would I feel if I could imagine my existence without worry?

 It might inspire you to think outside the box and discover what works for you while revealing what holds you back.

  1. Put Your Affirmations Into Practice to Strengthen Them.

Leeds says it is crucial to support your affirmations with aligned action. “If you tell yourself that you treat your body with love and care but don’t spend time moving your body or nourishing yourself with healthy food,” according to her, “you are being incongruent, and your affirmations will lose their effectiveness.”

  1. Make An Audio Recording of Your Positive Affirmations and Listen to Them Frequently.

Leed recommends that you launch the voice memo app on your mobile device. Listening to affirmations amplifies their impact and the power of expressing them. Leeds states that our voice has a significant impact on us and we can decide whether to employ it for self-criticism or self-affirmation.

This can be done whenever you like, although she recommends listening just before bed or first thing in the morning.

 “Other great times to listen are while you get ready for the day and as you wind down for bed, especially while you are looking in the mirror, for example, or while doing your hair,” she says, adding that it can be more beneficial to match affirmations with self-care chores.

  1. Embrace Your True Self

Self Love Affirmations

Some affirmations are more accessible than others as you increase your practice. If you’re having trouble believing an affirmation, Leeds recommends speaking it aloud to a photo of yourself from childhood. 

We may often see that we earned things when we were younger, even though it’s hard to believe we deserve them now. Recite your affirmation aloud to yourself from a young age until you are old enough to repeat it now, she says.

  1. Make Time For Them Every Day

Finally, find multiple ways to include affirmations into your daily routine, so they become second nature. According to Bruneau, it’s a good idea to write them down and post them somewhere you’ll see them frequently. You may also practice them while engaging in physical activities like yoga, walking, bathing, etc.

Leeds also plans to utilize digital reminders in addition to physical ones. To help you stay on track, insert an affirmation into a password you enter daily or establish a recurring reminder on your phone.

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Knowing When to Ask for Services

While affirmations can be a powerful tool in your self-love journey, they aren’t a panacea. If you’re not seeing the effects you were hoping for, it’s vital to have additional tools and healthy coping techniques.

Seeking the advice of a mental health expert, such as a therapist, is nearly always a good choice. You can discover healthier ways of dealing with stress and identify the underlying issues preventing you from loving yourself when you seek expert assistance.

Our most reliable partnerships step in when we need help compassionately examining ourselves. The people closest to us—friends, family, love partners, or coworkers—are the best at pointing out our strengths when we fail to recognize them. If you require assistance, do not hesitate to request it.

If you have always struggled with self-love, this commonly posted Tumblr article may resonate with you. Instead of seeking to love oneself, attempt to embrace and appreciate your being.

Put simply, if you lack self-love now, you must engage in activities that offer you happiness to construct a life that you will deeply cherish.

The Primary Focus

While it may be tempting to succumb to pessimistic thought patterns and prejudices, engaging in self-love affirmations can help one liberate oneself from these constraints, prime the mind for transformation, and enhance emotional well-being. 


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