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Clear Signs and Habits of a Free-Spirited Woman

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Clear Signs and Habits of a Free-Spirited

Free-Spirited Woman

No matter the cost, a free-spirited woman will always do what makes her soul happy. She is confident living in the unknown and taking chances. Despite her seemingly careless demeanour, she possesses courage. She knows herself and chooses to trust her gut.

An independent woman doesn’t care about what other people think or do.

 She should not believe that she must prove her superiority to other women by emphasizing her differences from them. In her life, she follows her heart and does what she thinks is right; she admires other women for having the freedom to do the same.

Free-Spirited Woman

Unlike women who are stifled by conventional gender norms, free-spirited women are not afraid to stand out. They follow their hearts rather than the rules that other people set for them.

Inquiring minds want to know: are you a woman with spirit? Thus, you have arrived at the correct spot.

The eleven telltale signals of an independent woman are detailed in this piece. Additionally, I will provide advice on how to become more liberated and uninhibited.

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Discover the Characteristics of a Free-Spirited Woman

In my view, it is a woman who refuses to be defined or confined by society’s ever-shifting norms.

You can easily detect them, though they are scarce.

My granny, who had the guts to leave her husband and have a family of her while still finding time to paint and watch films, is the kind of free spirit I would want to call on.

We encounter free-spirited ladies in our lives. Either you’re dating one, they’re your best friend, or you are one yourself.

Some fundamental principles you adhere to wholeheartedly, while others you avoid at all costs.

If you identify as one of the many free-spirited women in the world, here are twelve telltale signs:

1. Retaining the Innocence of Your Inner Child

Free-Spirited Woman

The present moment is your home.

  • As you tend to the wounds that your inner child is gradually recuperating from.
  • For your part, you must remain in touch with her and assist her as she recovers.
  • It is important to you to spend time doing things you loved as a kid.
  •  You ultimately embrace your carefree younger self, never holding back from letting loose and having fun.

2. You Should Never Put Other People’s Needs Before Your Own.

  • You have liberated yourself from limitations, but it has not come at the expense of your spiritual health or safety.
  • Free-spirited women tend to be very attuned to their instincts endings.
  • You pay attention, and then you act.

3. You have Standards for Others; You Don’t Lower Them to Gain Their Love.

  • You possess an exceptional ability to discern deceitful intentions quickly.
  • To gain acceptance, you are kind, but you don’t accept everything.
  • You value love and intimacy, and you share a profound bond with your spouse.

However, maintaining your limits and self-respect are paramount.

4. You Never Pass Judgement

  • The best thing is that you have chosen a different road than everyone else, but you have no problem judging or making fun of those who follow the rules society has set.
  • The truth is that you accept and adore them just as they are.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone gets a second chance to live their dream life.
  • You know this to be accurate, and you don’t let your heart be a judge.
  1. If Something Gets in the Way of Your Flow, You Quickly Exit.

  • It might be anything: love, a career, or family.
  • You are like a river that is pouring.
  • Everything is free to float along with you, but anyone or anything that tries to stop you, to “make them normal or see reality,” is immediately and categorically sent off.
  • When something isn’t working, you don’t try to hide or avoid it; instead, you just step out.
  1. You Are Unconcerned With Coming Off As Weird or Cringey

  • You trust in the enchantment of the present and treat yourself lightly.
  • Rather than wasting time passing judgment, you find that words like “weird,” “cringe,” “too much,” and “lost in clouds” bring a smile to your face.
  • Nothing matters because no one else knows you better than you do. Perhaps some animals do this, but people clearly do not.
  • Living one’s most genuine life and reveling in it is the ultimate goal for a free-spirited lady.
  • When you feel confident enough, you dance as if no one is looking.
  • As a token of your appreciation, surprise your best friend with flowers,
  • Unexpectedly take a journey to the mountains with your pets or
  • At any age, you can discover a passion for snorkeling.
  • Optimism and inspiration radiate from you.
  1. You Keep Your Creative Goals High Regardless of Decade

  • There are a lot of empaths among the free-spirited women.
  • Art, dance, music, writing, etc., have healing benefits, which you are well aware of. You are a forever dreamer and a student of life.
  • At will, you can enter a state of creative flow and take pleasure in making art for the sake of enjoyment and satisfaction alone.
  • Age is clearly nothing more than a number when it comes to people who are unaffected by societal norms.

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8. It Makes No Difference What Their Friends’ Status Is


  • You have pals from every walk of life, every age bracket, and even every imaginable animal.
  • The depth and innocence of a person’s soul are the only things that matter to you.
  • On this planet, animals such as dogs, cats, lambs, trees, etc., are considered part of your extended family just as much, if not more, than people.

9. No One Asks You to Turn Down the Lights on You.

  • You are aware of the fact that you illuminate the planet.
  • Those who are still lost and have not found their way are not looked down upon by you.
  • However, you are also aware of the fact that your very presence might set off a chain reaction in those who are emotionally distant from themselves.
  • But you keep shining a light—your genuine, open, and vulnerable self—everywhere you go. To you, it is an eternal obligation.
  • Keep your spirit’s brilliance untarnished, no matter how many people try to bring it down.
  • Your lovely spirit is unbreakable, my friend.
  1. You Must Not Allow the Pain to Turn You Into a Bitter Person.

“He’s like an exotic bird collector,” she remarked. “If he wants to fulfill his dream of enslaving a woman, he must have a woman who is free.”

  • Society treats women like a commodity and is unforgiving to those who defy the norm.
  • Your brightness would have been tamed and erased in every possible manner. I will keep trying till I succeed.
  • Some people take pleasure in severing a woman’s wings and directing her to “the right” spot because they find a free-spirited woman to be an attractive object.
  • You have endured unspeakable betrayals, terrible wounds, and scars.
  • The remarkable thing is that even though you may heal from the wounds over time, your love for others and the world will remain unaffected.
  • You learn from your mistakes, but you never lose faith in others.
  • Some may think it’s innocent, but I think it’s beautiful.

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11. You Refrain From Disregarding Your True Self No Matter Where You Are 

When we hear the word “free-spirited,” our minds immediately go to images of wanderers, hippies, rule-breakers, and the like.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

  • As an independent woman, you have the option to blend in with society while remaining true to yourself.
  • Women with a free spirit would be the supportive, encouraging moms who have faith in their kids,
  • They may be exemplary role models for their colleagues, encouraging innovation and optimism while remaining true to their principles in the workplace.
  • Everything from suits to pajamas to doctor jackets to pilot uniforms to aprons—you name it, they wear it.
  • Playing by the rules allows you to break them and discover methods to express your joyful personality.

12. You Are Instantly Curious About Everything

You are insatiably curious and full of life, always wanting to learn more and discover more about the world around you.

For days on end, you won’t be able to tear your mind away from the subjects that genuinely excite you.

Your interests include:

  • Learning about the mind and its inner workings.
  • Discovering new methods to interact with plants.
  • Embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

When it comes to you, nothing is out of the ordinary, weird, or impossible.

Spiritual awareness and the quest for self-discovery at a young age are telltale signs of who you are.

Because existential crises originate in the depths of one’s soul, it is relatively uncommon to experience more than one.

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Living a Life As a Free-Spirited Woman

Free-Spirited Woman

Allow me to be an independent soul. Some people don’t like it, but that’s just who I am.

– Lady Diana

The idea of living as a free spirit has always captivated me. Being an independent spirit is something I have always admired. Being a free spirit has always been my dream. Then it hit me: I was one of them! 

  1. Then, how exactly does one become a Free Spirit?
  2.  I don’t understand this word. A free spirit is characterized by what?
  3.  What does it take to become one?

1. I Found Out That I Am Very Independent—Even Aggressively So.

It is commonly said that free-spirited people lead unusual lives and don’t conform to societal standards. This is only sometimes the case in some situations! Go ahead and do it without a doubt if this is your top priority.

 But I think being a free spirit is more about just going with the flow, making a life for yourself, and living it to the fullest.

 It’s good to keep in touch with loved ones, but you should never let them dictate your every move. Think for yourself and believe in your ability to a considerable degree.

A free spirit is someone who is self-aware, thinks and acts independently, and makes their own decisions.

 For this personality type to work, a flower crown and a hippie skirt aren’t required. You have a strong desire to seize the day and direct your destiny; there’s no shame in that.

2. Fear Has Never Stopped Me From Living, Not Merely Existing.

Dancing in fear is a hallmark of a free spirit, among other traits. If you’re not afraid to do what makes you happy, then you definitely have a free spirit.

Anxieties keep us from doing things. For countless individuals across the globe, the insurmountable fears of rejection, ridicule, and the unknown stifle their dreams and ambitions.

Being unencumbered by fear of any type is the essence of a free spirit. I sense it, as do all of us, but I pick myself up and keep going. I will always be myself, regardless of who or what tries to stop me.

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3. I Am Well Aware of What I Stand Up For.

A person with a free spirit does, in fact, hold firm beliefs and principles.

True free spirits always have a plan, and I’m not the type to wander. I am proud of my independence and the way I have decided to conduct my life in accordance with my principles.

You might also be a free spirit if you have strong moral convictions and refuse to compromise them.

4. I Need to Learn to Form Attachments Quickly.

Free-Spirited Woman

An innate trait of free spirits is an aversion to letting themselves be defined by anything or anyone. This one is absolutely relatable for me!

You could, in fact, have a lifelong interest that you give your all to. On the other hand, you’re constantly transforming different areas of your life, like your appearance, interests, and eccentric fixations. You’re also continually on the go.

To maintain my independence, I am cautious around people who could potentially bind me to a relationship, even if I am friendly with everyone. I will never let my wings be clipped for the sake of a romantic bond.

5. Some Things Truly Touch My Heart.

Being a free spirit means I feel profound and significant pulls in some directions. Because of this, I can enjoy things that I have a personal connection with since I have a profound comprehension of them.

This is a facet of free spirits that isn’t often appreciated, but it’s a big reason why they’re so vibrant and active.

 Because they take in more information about their environment than the typical individual, they often exhibit more philosophical tendencies.

My uniqueness as a free spirit comes from maintaining a high level of energy and knowledge about the world around me.

6. I Go Where I Want To Matter No What

Traveling is something I will always make time for; it is essential to me.

To me, a free spirit is someone whose soul, intellect, and body are unrestricted in their movement around the world. 

Since I owe no one anything, I am well aware of how lucky I have been. Were my ties secure? Sure thing! However, I was prepared to sever those connections in order to pursue my pleasure, as travel held immense importance to me.

7. Being Alone Is Heaven Sent.

For a long time, I despised being alone. Spending time alone with my thoughts was never something I looked forward to, so I would find methods to avoid it whenever possible. When I thought of being alone, I immediately thought of loneliness.

After some time has passed, I am now able to enjoy my own company to a great extent; my social life, friendship circle, and relationships are all functional.

 I used to be afraid of my thoughts, but now I enjoy and am good at tuning into them. If you’re a free spirit, you know how crucial it is to keep your body and mind in harmony.

“Discover the joy in engaging with activities.” 

it is crucial for your well-being. Finding contentment alone and consciously yearning for moments of solitude are all positive traits that do not indicate antisocial tendencies. Being self-sufficient, in general, is indicative of a free spirit.

8. People in Love Have a Hard Time Keeping Up.

There is no one a free-spirited woman needs to make her feel complete. Instead, when the time is right, I shall look for a strong enough companion to accompany me. Lovers, free spirits, should be seen as partners and equals.

Love for free spirits requires a great deal of passion, compassion, and endurance. Since your minds are genuinely racing at a million miles per hour, you only let people in who can enhance you.

Intern, free spirits also love and enrich their lovers to the best of their abilities. As always, it’s a fantastic two-way street.

9. The Emotional Side of Me Gets The Best of Me.

Free-Spirited Woman

Unfortunately, free spirits don’t always fare well in the actual world. Our emotional intensity is criticized.

Feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, contentment, courage, and concern wash over me. My sensitivity results in intense highs and lows. When times go wrong, my friends always turn to me first.

You can always put yourself in another person’s shoes since you are a free spirit and so in tune with your emotions. You are easy to chat with because you aren’t judgmental.

You seek solace in the company of others when you are down. 

You are so emotionally vulnerable that being in the company of an upbeat individual can instantly lift your spirits.

Those who drain us of our energy or, worse, who worry and fret about everything and everyone around them are people of free spirits who avoid such people.

10. In My View, Unconventional Beauty

In spite of everything, a free spirit might discover something beautiful. Before everybody else, I am able to see past the clouds that cover the sky and into the rainbow.

I get to decide whether or not to shave my underarms, apply makeup, and dye my hair.

 The essence of my beauty emanates forth from my center, captivating those who behold me.

Conventional standards of beauty will not define you. To make a point, you will frequently challenge the conventional wisdom about what constitutes beautiful.

11. We Free-Spirited Women Adore Our Bodies, But We Refuse to Let Them Control Us.

You go within to remind yourself that your soul is a reflection of who you really are, even when society around you tells you to be embarrassed of your physical appearance.

Being an independent soul can be challenging at times. Understanding and acceptance of us may be elusive.

12. How Much I Adore Myself

This essentially supports all of the preceding arguments.

When you love yourself, you accept yourself just as you are, chase after your passions, and let go of the things that don’t bring you joy. 

Embracing personal responsibility and liberating yourself from constraints are essential components of a free spirit. Even with the support of loved ones, you shouldn’t ever feel confined.

One definition of a free spirit seizes opportunities as they come along or just living in the now and let’s go.

 Being fearless and pushing yourself to your boundaries is an excellent indicator of your free spirit. 

The key is to push yourself to your limits and seize any opportunity that comes your way. To love oneself is to attend to one’s own needs and nourish one’s mind and body in whatever way one can.

Being a free spirit means doing things your way and making your path in life. Believe me when I say the trip will be worthwhile, even if it takes a while to get there.

In Conclusion

A blessing is being able to embrace our distinct qualities.

Strong, independent women remind the world that it’s OK to be yourself and to follow the inner voice that won’t be silenced.

Once more, I wind and bend my way out.

People come and go, but I will continue eternally, so I’m going to jump in the river. 


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