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Every Aspect of Mining HOT

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Every Aspect of Mining HOT

Mining HOT

Now is a fantastic moment to begin mining HOT because it is free and available to everyone, thanks to the launch of the new NEAR wallet on Telegram earlier in 2024.

With Chain Abstraction set to launch in Q2 2024, HOT will become an option for Ethereum and other Ethereum-like network transactions, therefore the future seems bright.

Mining HOT: Get to Know the NEAR Wallet on Telegram.

Doing the assignment is a breeze. At the beginning, you’ll have to mine HOT token every two hours. As you level up, you’ll be able to earn additional HOT through upgrades.

Have You Seen What’s Trending?

The focal point of the Telegram wallet is HOT. With HOT cryptocurrency, you can pay for dApp assets and transaction costs. Not only that, it may be traded or given away.

Distributing HOT to early adopters is part of the fair launch process. Becoming a miner is as simple as signing up for the HERE wallet application.

With Chain Abstraction set to launch in Q2 2024, HOT will become an option for Ethereum and other Ethereum-like network transactions, therefore the future seems bright.

Here Are Five Simple Steps to Begin Mining HOT Right Now:

  • Use this URL to launch the NEAR wallet bot in Telegram: Quick Wallet
  • Press the “Create new account” button to start making a wallet.
  • Top priority! The following screen will display a Seedphrase that is made up of twelve words. Without this, you would never be able to get your wallet back. So, make sure you preserve it somewhere safe.
  • Press Create when you’ve saved the seedphrase, and then wait for your account to be created.
  • The wallet app will be waiting for you when that is finished.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the “Claim your First Hot!” button.
  • To obtain your first 0.01 HOT, go to the last screen, press “Start mining!” and then the “Claim” button.

Ways to mine even more!

You may speed up your HOT mining in three ways:

There are six tiers of fireplace upgrades. You can use part of the HOT tokens you mined to enhance your fireplace. With this, you can increase your hourly mining speed to HOT.

A Total of Six Levels Make Up The Fireplace.

Mining HOT

  1. Level 0—Wood Fireplace—Without Cost—0.01 HOT/hour
  2. Stone Fireplace Level 1 — 0.015 HOT/hour — 0.2 HOT
  3. Tier 2: Gas Fireplace — 0.02 HOT/hour — 1 HOT
  4. Neon Firespace, Level 3, 0.025 HOT/hour, 2 HOT
  5. Third Level: Neon Multi-Firespace, 0.03 HOT/hour, 5 HOT
  6. Gold Fireplace at Level 5: 0.05 HOT/hour—15 HOT

If you want to level up your wood, you can buy more NEAR tokens. Because of this, you’ll be able to use better wood, which will keep burning for longer and increase your mining speed.

Tell your friends: If you want to boost your mining speed, inviting buddies to join to mine HOT with you is your best bet. You will receive 20% of the HOT that they mine as well as 5% of what their friends mine when they mine HOT.

You have the option to increase your storage capacity. Once your storage is full, mining will cease until you claim it, which typically takes around two hours.

Before you level up to 6, 12, and 24 hours, I suggest putting a reminder on your phone for every 2 hours. That way, you can mine as efficiently as possible during the day.

There Are a Total of Six Storage Tiers:

  1. Floor 0: Wooden Storage — Two Hours — No Cost
  2. Metal storage on Level 1 for three hours at 0.2 HOT
  3. Stage 2: Modular Storage — Four hours — Half a degree of heat
  4. Third Level—Storage of Liquids—6 Hours—1 HOT
  5. Titanium storage on Level 4 for 12 hours at 4 HOT
  6. Gold Storage on Level 5 — 10 HOT — 24 hours

Costs Linked to HOT Mining

There is no cost to mine HOT, but there is a minor gas fee of about $0.005 for each transaction on the NEAR protocol (such as claiming mined HOT). The gas charge can be subtracted from the HOT you mine, therefore making it free.

Optimizing HOT in Villages: A Concise Guide to Community Mining

With over one million participation, Mining HOT in villages is a groundbreaking community mining activity. Using Telegram chats to start or join a village, this method boosts HOT acquisition with a 5% bonus on claims, which goes into the village fund. Community incentives and other advantages will be covered by these monies.

Establishing a Community:

Mining HOT

To start a new village or join an existing one, just provide the bot a chat link.

  1. Best Villages: Get in touch with us directly. Come and be a part of LNC Hot Village today!
  2. You can do so anytime you want to switch villages. The initial changeover is free, but after that, there’s a HOT cost.
  3. Village Contests: Participating villages compete in leagues to amass the most valuable treasures, with the best performers receiving rewards and in-wallet promotions.
  4. Managing the Village Funds: @herewalletbot has been awarded administrative rights to oversee the village funds, with the initial admin having control over the treasure.
  5. Future Plans: We plan to increase community interaction with upcoming upgrades that provide multiplayer features including HOT giveaways, inter-village competitions, and voting on treasure allocations.

With this simplified method, you can mine HOT with a focus on the community, which should lead to more engaging and lucrative encounters.


The extraction of $HOT is accelerated by the use of wood. The multiplier can be yours by completing the in-app tasks that will be presented to you.

How Do I Add Funds to My Near Wallet in Telegram?

To level up your account, I suggest adding some tokens from Near to your wallet. At the top of the application page, you can see your wallet address, which looks like name.tg. You can copy this address to replenish your wallet.

Sadly, not all wallets are compatible with withdrawals to name.tg just yet. Exchanges like Binance and Mexc allow users to withdraw funds to Near Wallet wallets on Telegram, so I did the same.

Get the Here Wallet app for iOS or Android (here’s the link) and import your Telegram wallet (no need to make a new one!) to Boost Mining Speed to level 5. and swap NEAR tokens for a minimum of 0.5 USDT.

Near the Wallet, You’ll Find Village “Gems.”

Public token mining hot in 🛖 villages is a new mining method that has recently been found, and over a million users are already mining $HOT.

The village welcomes any user. You can add 5% additional HOT to your valuables whenever a new resident is introduced to the village! *high five* Public awards and other uses can be funded with this amount.

Bridging Loan: Common Pitfalls to Avoid 

Viewpoint on $TokensHOT

You shouldn’t pass up the chance to acquire free tokens with little work since I think the token has extremely big potential. Launch the bot on Telegram! The NEAR Wallet project is getting a lot of attention and offers a great chance to generate money. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! You may also find the wallet on Android and iOS; the app is available for download here.

My goal in writing this blog post was to provide you with more information about HOT mining. Feel free to ask anything by posting a comment down below. Visit and subscribe to blogkingworld.com. Thanks

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