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Tastiest Continental Food Panko-Crusted Cheese Recipe

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Tastiest Continental Food Panko-Crusted Cheese Recipe

Panko-Crusted Cheese

Panko-crusted cheese is very light, tasty, light and easy to cook, a healthy recipe, especially for children and growing kids.





Panko-Crusted Cheese: The Step-by-Step Guide

The marinated paneer is dipped in a creamy batter, breaded, and fried.

Duration of Cooking Time50 Minutes

Ten-Minute Preparation

Toasted in 40 minutes

Quantities to Serve

Panko-Crusted Cheese Only Requires 2 Ingredients

Paneer (Indian cheese) slices

Tiny Rosemary

There aren’t many Parsley leaves here.

The seasoning of a pinch of smoked paprika

A sprinkling of ground cumin

Fresh oregano, chopped, in a pinch

One Tablespoon of All-Purpose Flour

The equivalent of one and a half tablespoons of corn flour

1/4 Cup Water

Just Under a Cup of Crumbs (here the chef uses Panko, Japanese bread crumbs)

30–40 grams of Butter, Used for Seasoning Salt

Panko-Crusted Cheese: How-to Make

Season the paneer with salt, oregano, smoked paprika, and cumin powder, and let it marinate for at least an hour.

2. Combine the corn flour, white flour, milk, and salt in a bowl to form a batter.

Third, the paneer will retain more breadcrumbs if you do this.

Similarly, sprinkle some plain flour over the paneer.

Fifth, bread and batter coat the meat.

Six, pan-fry the paneer in a blend of butter and olive oil.

Labels: Fried Cottage Cheese Treats

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