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Continental Foods Delicious Yorkshire Lamb Burgers Recipe

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Continental Foods Delicious Yorkshire Lamb Burgers Recipe

Yorkshire Lamb Burgers (

Lamb patties are both simple to prepare and delicious. Yorkshire Lamb Burgers with 

a fresh salad complements the hot entree.

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

Ten-Minute Preparation

The average time it takes to cook something is 30 minutes.

 With Only Two Simple Ingredients

Yorkshire lamb patties, Oil from vegetables, 30 ml

Ten gms Horseradish dip

To taste with salt

50 g of chopped onions, fried until they are just under golden.

10 grams of chopped parsley, coarsely

Minced lamb (200 grams)

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cooking the Perfect Delicious Yorkshire Lamb Burgers Recipe

First, combine the horseradish sauce and the vegetable oil in a circular mixing bowl.

2Make sure to give the whisk a good workout.

Third, sprinkle in some fried onions and roughly chopped parsley.

4. Taste for saltiness.

5. Add salt and pepper to the lamb mince.

Six, use a pan grill for cooking 50-gram burger patties.

Seven, dish up the hot meal with a side of mayonnaise dip and a fresh salad.

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