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How Can We Reach the People Who Care About the Home and Lifestyle Trends That Will be Most Popular in 2023?

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How Can We Reach the People Who Care About the Home and Lifestyle Trends That Will be Most Popular in 2023?

Home and Lifestyle  Lifestyle trends change with the passage of time and every year, also sometimes with every season. It is usual for some people, but some are curious about fashion, decoration, and the latest lifestyle trends.

 Lifestyle Trends; Massive and Undaunted

It is predicted that when more members of Generation Z and the so-called “Millennials” enter the housing market, we will witness an influx of bright, contrasting colors in residential interiors.

Bright colors, predominantly yellow (optimism, joy, and enthusiasm) and green, are popular among millennials, or Generation Z. (the color of nature, health, and growth). Not only that, but purple, the color of monarchy, elegance, and spiritualism, is expected to rise in popularity among members of Generation Z.

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Furthermore, a pattern can be detected across Gen Z members in their appreciation for the contrast of bright colors, which may signal a departure from the current trend of minimalism, in which homes have become various shades of nude, white, and green.

 The Perfect Match Paints;

 It’s evident that seeing something in person is the most excellent method to determine whether or not it will work in a particular setting; for this reason, Dulux’s Visualiser tool is ideal for customers trying to decide which paint to purchase. 

Making something like this might be a terrific approach to demonstrate to your target market how well your brightly colored goods will complement their decor.

Alternatively, creating a gamification campaign centered on your items’ vivid hues might make your marketing plan more exciting. You might include a digitized inventory of your products in the game, and players could then decorate their virtual home however they like (the wackier, the better).

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Lifestyle Trends;  

Create a “Hygge” Home “Hygge” is a Scandinavian phrase recently gaining popularity. Even though there is no literal English translation, you can see it as an attempt to capture the comforting sensation of snuggling under a duvet on a dreary day. In 2023, it’s predicted that hygge-inspired products will become popular among consumers.

As people want to convert their homes into more relaxing and comfortable environments, this trend has emerged as a natural byproduct of the current self-care at-home movement.

As IKEA did, you may develop a virtual simulation of your items in a hygge home setting to attract clients who want to bring hygge into their own homes. This type of lifestyle marketing in virtual reality gives consumers a better idea of how your products might look in their homes and encourages them to buy from you.

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DIY Is Still Going Strong Storm

Wacky and inventive home improvement projects, from kitchen islands to fireplaces to built-in wardrobes, were all the rage in 2022 and expected to grow in 2023.

As the cost of living rises, customers are increasingly motivated to do things for themselves around the house rather than hiring a professional.

This may seem like bad news at first glance, as your brand’s customers probably shouldn’t be engaging in activities where your company has demonstrated expertise. Still, it’s an opportunity in disguise.

Individualistic Culture Growing Acceptance

Instead of selling finished goods to your target market, you may branch out and offer bundles of the components needed to build your product. The next step is collaborating with a home and lifestyle influencer whose aesthetic aligns with your own to produce “how-to” films for your wares (s).

Why not run a Google Ads Paid Search campaign emphasizing do-it-yourself-related keywords for the product(s) you’re giving bundles for to reach consumers who aren’t already following your brand’s influencers? Doing so can expose your heap to shoppers in the area.

Incorporating Textured Walls into a Design Scheme

This movement is gaining steam, and it’s anticipated to grow through 2023.

Consumers increasingly want to make textured walls with paint, wallpaper, plaster, and more substantial materials like wooden slats and panels. When homeowners use unconventional materials to create textured walls, they give their homes a one-of-a-kind look and feel. 

One novel approach to advertising your textured wall products would be to create a textured bus stop or billboard that invites passers-by to touch and experience firsthand how wonderful your textured wall materials look and feel.

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If You Want to Raise The Profile of This Strategy,

 Get in touch with a public relations firm so that they can spread the word about how innovative and original your campaign is. This raises consumer awareness of your brand and products and positions you as an industry leader.

Consider bolstering your SEO strategy to ensure you come out on top of the search results page for terms associated with textured walls. Whether upgrading your site’s structure and metadata or optimizing for keywords, anything that moves you closer to the top of Google’s search results pages is time well spent.


Two thousand twenty-two ushers in many self-care, eco-friendly, at-home office, and daylight-focused movements. Customers seeking a “hygge” house, engaging in “do-it-yourself” projects, and making statements with textured walls are expected to return in 2023, while “large and bold” is expected to make a comeback in the same year.

We’ve discussed what established companies did in 2022 to capitalize on trends. We’ll outline what up-and-coming brands may do in 2023 to make themselves noticeable and capitalize on emerging markets.

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Put your stuff inside your clients’ homes digitally.

Use gamification strategies to make the process exciting and enjoyable.

Make a digital replica of your product to show it off.

Those eager to get their hands dirty will appreciate your bundle deals.

Use paid search and social media ads.

Advertise your cause using tactile billboards and bus shelter posters, and use a public relations plan to get the word out.

Optimize your search engine optimization to rise above the competition.

Pop-up businesses in high-traffic areas (like a shopping mall) are another entertaining possibility, as is a social media campaign encouraging viewers to post their most embarrassing do-it-yourself failures (bonus points for those who can provide photographic evidence).

If you want to get started, then why wait any longer? Now is the time to start thinking about 2023 and leveraging these insights to create engaging ads that will set you apart from the competition.

Want to dig deeper into your customers’ motivations to make a purchase? Please read our latest report to learn more about the causes of actual buyers of home and lifestyle businesses.


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