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Contemporary Housing And Lifestyle Trends in 2023

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Contemporary Housing And Lifestyle Trends in 2023


Housing And Lifestyle Trends

Companies need help predicting what will happen in markets like the home and lifestyle trends in 2023 and other sectors driven by consumer preferences. In that case, you’ll be ahead with our summary of 2022’s trends and our guide to 2023’s!

Nobody could have predicted the 36% surge in spending that UK consumers would make on home renovation projects during the epidemic.

Now that customers’ discretionary spending has returned to pre-pandemic levels, how can your home improvement brand capitalize on its ongoing home and lifestyle projects? How? By participating in emerging movements.

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The Social Media;

TikTok and Instagram’s meteoric ascent as home and lifestyle inspiration portals during the pandemic—and sustained popularity ever since—means that trends spread like wildfire among users.

The psychology of fashion goes back to the dawn of time. Humans naturally tend toward herd behaviour when faced with a choice between conforming to the status quo and striking out on our own.

This preference for groupthink stems from the fact that individuals can save time by not having to come to conclusions and instead just mimicking the actions of those around them.

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Belong to a Group,

Furthermore, there is a universal human desire to feel like they belong to a group, and conforming to the majority’s wishes taps into this need subconsciously. As much psychological inquiry, as there has been into trends, they remain uncharted due to their impermanence, which is why moving quickly is so important.

However, in practice, speed is often more rhetoric than reality. Whether it’s a lack of time, an excess of required approvals, or something else entirely, something else always comes up and takes precedence.

To start, we have some excellent news. To aid you in your efforts, we have selected the most well-liked trends from 2022 and investigated the most likely trends for 2023.

Regarding home and lifestyle, what were the most popular trends in 2022, and how did brands appeal to those consumers?

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Home and Health Are the Most Important

This year, self-care at home has become increasingly popular, so the 24th of July has been designated as the annual International Self-Care Day. Increasing numbers prioritize their mental health by creating daily ‘rituals’ to slow down, relax, and be kind to themselves despite their hectic schedules.

The term “ritual” can refer to anything from a simple act, like burning candles surrounding an evening bath filled with calming oils, to an elaborate one, like creating a garden building dedicated to yoga and meditation.

“Balance Starts at Home,”

IKEA aimed to capitalize on this craze by launching a public relations campaign called “Balance Starts at Home,” in which they polled thousands of people worldwide on their definition of home and its effect on their mental and physical health.

IKEA’s brand recognition was increased in self-care and well-being through this creative and thought-provoking PR effort, without any overt product promotion.

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The Green Option,

Lifestyle Trends

You know as well as we do that sustainability is enormous, and it’s here to stay, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this trend has continued to grow in popularity until 2022.

People are looking for greener options in everything they buy, from the things they use to the materials they’re created from.

A shift in customer preferences has also occurred due to increased awareness of the differences between environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Many shoppers only buy products with a positive long-term environmental impact rather than only a little one. As a result, it is becoming increasingly vital to differentiate between eco-friendly and sustainable goods.

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DFS, a Household Name

DFS, a household name in the world of sofas, recently made headlines for its commitment to environmental responsibility by announcing its cooperation with Clearabee. This firm will remove and recycle old sofas. “Sofa Rescue by DFS” is a program that repurposes previously used furniture to reduce waste and conserve raw materials in manufacturing.

Places to Work From Home, 

Since the epidemic, there has been an increasing demand for home workspace-related products. Thus its continuation beyond 2022 comes as no surprise. The desk treadmill is one of the most intriguing gadgets that has exploded in popularity this year.

Consumers may obtain the exercise they need while still working from home, combining the concepts of self-care and remote work. However, products that facilitate and improve the at-home working lifestyle have maintained widespread appeal as more people seek a healthy work-life balance.

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H&M Home

To transform their basement or attic into a functional workspace rather than a dumping ground for unused b belongings. In promoting their home office goods, H&M Home keeps things very straightforward; yet, it’s important to remember that direct may be just as effective as wild and flamboyant if done correctly.

H&M Home uses Google Shopping Ads and social network ads among their many paid advertising strategies. They have also paid attention to CRO and customer journeys by preparing a separate landing page for customers responding to their more general ads.

Aside from this, the company has collaborated with a handful of micro-influencers in various nations to target client bases that respond better to sponsored advertising techniques.

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Plenty of Sunlight

This is an emerging fashion that is unique to the United Kingdom. Darker days, the approach of winter, and the impending Cost of Living and Energy Crises ensure that homeowners will seek ways to increase the amount of natural light entering their homes to reduce their reliance on artificial lighting.

For some people, increasing the number of windows and other natural light sources is less than paying for increased electricity usage over time. Consumers are eager to let more natural light into their homes for various reasons, not the least of which is the rise in energy costs.

A Better Night’s Sleep,

Less reliance on caffeine and sugar for energy boosts and even a better overall mood are all benefits of having a regular circadian rhythm, which can be achieved by exposing oneself to natural light rather than artificial light, as has been shown in numerous studies.

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Despite this trend’s continued growth into the latter half of 2022, only some ads are designed to capitalize on it. Yet, almost infinite ways exist to adapt marketing strategies to this phenomenon.

Advertising on sites offering money-saving tips is a smart move to get in front of consumers and entice them to reach the upper funnel of their customer journey. Paid search and social media ads can also reach buyers further along the purchasing journey.

On the other hand, consumers can more easily progress through the awareness and contemplation phases of the purchase process when products are presented to them in less overt ways, such as through TV commercials and even product placement in movies.

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