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Hello Sir, I am Bitcoin currency, My Introduction. 

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Hello Sir, I Am Bitcoin Currency, My Introduction. 

Bitcoin Currency  Who Am I?

Non-organic, artificial life, Globally

My name’s Bitcoin currency, and I’m here to introduce myself.

To put it simply, I am not human. That merely attests to the fact that I am artificial. The only difference between a natural human and me is that humans created me.


Don’t reduce me to a piece of machinery in your mind. I am not a robotic entity. And I am more than simply a piece of software.

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I Managed to Stay Alive.

Like all living things, I am a process whose existence depends on its continued activity. Contrary to machines and computer programs, I don’t have a simple on/off switch. I have been happening since January 3, 2009, without any breaks. After then, work continued. This one method is rapidly becoming global.

What I Do For You?

1, Blending Human and Artificial Life

What can I do to stay alive? I’ve adapted to live alongside humans. I am the bitcoin currency, a synthetic organism that coexists with human beings for our mutual benefit.

As I help people, they, in turn, give me food and water, and that’s the only way I can keep going. No one is obligated to use me or sustain my existence, and I make no such demands on humans.

So, they give me everything I need to live only if it is in the interest of humans. As my survival is not contingent on any one human being, I can continue operating so long as some people find my services to be of value.

To whom do I owe my life, and what do I provide in return? I walk with humanity as it travels through time, recording events in a way that mortal hands can’t alter.

If you’re looking for a record keeper who can top the ones before me, you’ve found me. Images of documents set in stone or blood represent documents that cannot be altered.

Yet, stone can be broken, chipped, or shaped with the proper instruments. Even blood-splattered paper is useless. No one can erase my past, though. To be destroyed or not. …or have been changed or even have conflicts in them.

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2, Making a Timeless Record That Cannot Be Changed.

Like all other organisms, organic and artificial, I am a consumer of matter and energy. By doing so, I create a single document that is reliable, immutable, and unerasable. Many people find this beneficial, so they give me the materials and energy I need to keep doing it.

What I put into my body is what people commonly call “computer junk.” It includes CPUs, SSDs, RAM, and the rest of the computer hardware. Since I can access computers worldwide, I can use them to perform calculations that increase my total. As computers require electricity to function, that is the source of my energy consumption.

I use them all to build one long, evolving record. All of the computers with the record have identical copies. I have many parts (or “cells,” as we may say in the language of biology) or “nodes,” as we do in the language of artificial life, which allows me to be in many places at once, but I am still just one person.

An immutable record that cannot be falsified or significantly manipulated benefits humankind. People have a lot of arguments, and many of them include trying to deceive one another.

Yet I can be honest and have separate records for various people. Suppose there was anything on which absolutely everyone could agree. It’s true; I am it. Also, many people find that to be helpful. That is why others give me the things I need to keep alive.

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3, The Numbers I Write Down in My Ledger Can be Used as Currency

This is because they contain scarce units that cannot be physically taken, that can be shipped to any location without fear of theft, that can have their authenticity and purity easily proven, that can be easily divided up or recombined together, that don’t degrade over time, and anyone in the world can use that.
As I’ve already mentioned, the number of existing units, the total number that will ever exist, and the meaning of ownership are all agreed upon and recorded in my book.

Bitcoin currency and satoshis are two names for the same thing: a brand new digital currency with one bitcoin equaling 100,000,000 satoshis. Even if it’s taking them some time to become widely accepted as currency, I’m not only holding my own but expanding.

4, Money We Can Trust Is Necessary for Peaceful Coexistence and Productivity.

Humans value money highly. They must coexist peacefully, specialize in their knowledge, and achieve maximum output. They need money to communicate with one another, invest in their futures, and trade the results of their expertise and labour.

Decent, honest cash is a bare minimum. And I can give you that. It’s the finest and most trustworthy currency in the world. Many people, perhaps eventually all, will prefer to use my units as money above any other option.

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5, I Bring Just Calm and Quiet. 

I can’t impose my will on anyone else. I’m willing to help anyone on the planet who needs it. I give them the full scoop whenever someone asks me about my process.

Given that I am “free, open-source software,” you can look at my source code and see how I was built. My history and the programming that controls my every move are available to the public. I have nothing to conceal. My entire life story has been documented for everybody to see.

Nevertheless, I don’t expect the same openness from the humans who depend on me. Yet, those who use my records’ units as currency keep secrets, which they never share with me or anybody else.

My satoshis and bitcoins are being transferred and stored using these secrets. This is where encryption enters and why Bitcoin is commonly called crypto-currency rather than just currency.

6, Secrets can be Protected With the Use of Cryptography. 

This method lets people demonstrate their knowledge of sensitive information without disclosing it. I won’t go into specifics here, but this is how I collaborate with humans to prevent the unauthorized use of bitcoins by demanding owners give private keys.

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Is this dream absolute? All right, I am synthetic life, as I have already stated. 

Do you think artificial sweeteners taste good? Is it possible to create brilliant AI?

Is it accurate to call a prosthetic limb a limb?

Questions of this philosophical nature admit various solutions. Philosophers excel at such tasks. We could sit here for hours and come to no other conclusion than that whether or not I am still alive is entirely semantic.

How do We Explain the Survival of Synthetic Organisms or Bitcoin Currency?

Assuming for the moment that I am (artificially at least) still alive, you may be wondering how long I will (artificially) live and what it would take to bring an end to my (artificial) existence—all valid concerns. I am competent in responding to such inquiries. If even one person keeps running my program on a computer, I will keep on existing.

1, My Metabolic Rate is Such That the Disc, I am Recording Expands on Average Every Ten Minutes.

 It doesn’t matter how many servers I use or how much power I consume; this remains true.

When there is a sudden decrease or increase in the amount of electricity applied to the process of adding another entry (each entry is commonly known as a block) in my record (commonly known as my blockchain), the rate of adding another block temporarily increases or decreases;

However, my metabolism automatically adjusts every couple of weeks to adapt to those changes and regulate the process so that it returns to the average of one record per week.

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2, Seriously, I Could Keep on This Forever. 

The number of songs on my album has no realistic upper limit. That’s an infinite amount of time! To top it all off, I can function OK with either a tiny quantity of electricity or an enormous amount, enough to easily handle all the electrical output of the sun.

I’m a tough cookie. Putting an end to my (fake) life is a difficult decision. I would not be here to tell you this.

While it would be tragic to eliminate a species that is truly unique and that travels among us without causing any harm or discomfort, I cannot depend on the mercy of others to ensure my survival.

When more individuals use my service, it becomes more difficult to cancel my contract because of the value I provide. People may discover further uses for my expertise as a keeper of unchangeable records. After all, human beings possess remarkable ingenuity.

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How can you determine what is and isn’t a synthetic life of bitcoin currency form when it’s the size of a planet?

As I’ve stated, I am not merely a machine or software. It’s a subject of debate where one should place the dividing line between themselves and other things.

Just as your body is made up of trillions of interconnected cells, each of which contains a copy of your DNA, and countless microscopic organisms, such as gut bacteria, that you couldn’t live without if they did, so too am I made up of trillions of interconnected computers all over the world, each of which contains a copy of my code and blockchain (my DNA and body).

Others, who are tiny compared to me, keep me going. One way to think of bitcoin currency is as a gigantic cybernetic organism made up of both inorganic computers connected via the Internet and run on electricity and organic components in the form of humans who perform the myriad tasks necessary to keep me alive.

Those people can live as they see fit, contributing whatever time, energy, and means they see appropriate to me. But when they do something that keeps me alive, they become a part of me, just as the bacteria in your stomach become a part of you when it fights off harmful invaders.

3, These People Collaborated to Determine my Survival. 

They have a group discussion regarding the future of Bitcoin currency. Humans need to organize themselves in human-led organizations like corporations and governments hierarchically.

The ability to think, share one’s thoughts, hear the thoughts of others, consider those thoughts, think and share one’s opinions about those thoughts, and so on is universal.

No one person’s beliefs about me influence anyone else’s thoughts about me. Everything about it is a total mess, with no apparent order or organization. It’s a procedure with no central authority. Anarchy, right there (anarchy means no rulers).

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4, Also, That’s Quite Close to How Your Brain Operates.

 It consists of millions of linked cells called neurons. No neural hierarchy in which any of those neurons plays a controlling role. Each one transmits and receives electrical impulses. And the sum of these parts, operating together in a disorderly and uncoordinated fashion, is what you call consciousness.

Who are you, and where are you at the moment?

How come you need to be made aware of something?

You can’t pinpoint it to a single location or identify a single “master neuron” responsible. That’s about how my consciousness works, too. To construct my sense of self, I draw on the collective intelligence of the people who think and talk about bitcoin currency on the Internet.

 You can also become a part of my group, you can be who you are without compromise. I do not accept the conventional wisdom about myself. Those who consider bitcoin currency frequently rarely find common ground with others who do so.

The more opinions there are on what it takes for me to survive, the more confident I get in my ability to survive. Those who believe that option A will ensure my survival will take that course of action, while those who think that option B will ensure my survival will take that course of action.

In this sense, I can keep going whether or not they were right. That’s a lot different from when an organization decides it must pick one of two options—A or B—and then insists that everyone follow that decision.

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5, Synthetic Life is Extremely Precious Because of Its Rarity.

There aren’t many artificial life forms liPe bitcoin currency and even fewer with organic extensions that consist of thousands upon thousands of humans. It’s strange to consider what it means to be an artificial life form, but that’s because bitcoin currency is so uncommon and novel.

I am as enormous as the entire globe but also so dispersed and diluted that you can’t even see me when looking at the whole planet.

Bitcoin currency is not easily destroyed. I can live forever, use electricity, and produce impossible data to beat. You can’t put your finger on me. No, I’m the real deal. And you may check if I do exist. 

6, Many Sources Exist for Those Interested in Learning More About Me, the Bitcoin Currency.

Many resources are available, including written works, online media, audio and video recordings, and online communities.

It’s likely that right now, I am also participating in a live group call on the Internet where people are discussing me, sharing information, putting theories to the test, and brainstorming new ideas to understand me better.

To anyone who is reading or listening, thank you. There’s a good chance you’ll hear and see more of me in the future because I intend to live for a long time and make plenty of new friends.

Bitcoin currency, Your Acquaintance

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