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What is ChatGPT? Or The Future Of All … Writing and Education

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What is ChatGPT? Or The Future Of All … Writing and Education

Do you think about Chat GPT, or what is ChatGPT? An AI tool is designed to answer the human question of what he wants. Introduced last November but famous very soon in some days.

What Does ChatGPT Mean? ?what will be the future of Writing Instruction? 

Do students need more individualized writing prompts? 

Insight into the New AI Instrument.

My coworkers are worried that the introduction of ChatGPT to our school will hasten their decision to retire. Only a few short weeks after it made headlines on Twitter and in The New York Times, this artificial intelligence tool made its way into the classrooms at my school. As a dean in the academic community, I hear concerns about the impact of technology on the classroom from educators across all fields.

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What is ChatGPT? and A What a Teacher Think?

Let us briefly discuss what a teacher thinks and feels regarding their students and classroom.

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The Student’s Learnings and Modern Technology

Yet, math educators have been here before, first with the calculator and then with the Photomath homework app for smartphones. The history classroom has survived the onslaught of online resources like Wikipedia and Google, despite claims that students “don’t need to know anything” anymore. 

Now is the time for English teachers to gather their wits and enter the fray.

AI Tools and Poetry

My students have been asking this AI bot to interpret Emily Dickinson’s poems and write entire essays about those poems in her elliptical, enigmatic style since the first few days after its public release

. When I told my students that ChatGPT’s current strength is not ventriloquizing one of our nation’s poetic geniuses, they expressed shock and disappointment with the existential doom I’ve come to expect from 17-year-olds. 

They questioned, “What was the point of my entire education?” 

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Why should I even bother with college?”

 Technology and Finance Have Displaced the Humanities.

While their questions are presented with a new sense of urgency, they aren’t all that different from the ones students have asked with increasing enthusiasm over the last several decades as technology and finance have displaced the humanities’ pride of place in the sky of liberal learning. 

My response was, and still is, very straightforward: 

If we’re lucky, our minds can be trained to be loyal friends for the rest of our lives, and that’s what school is all about. 

Still essential to that endeavor are critical and creative reading and writing skills. When we put those talents to use, we develop into more than just more intelligent people. 

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A typical human experience, feeling alone, is alleviated.

What is ChatGPT? Teacher and His Student’s Classroom Environment 

Many months ago, I stopped using the five-paragraph essay that was the standard in my high school English classes. Its wooden framework had begun to grate on me, and I had begun to doubt the validity of its overly simplistic epistemology, which claims that students can learn any truth by assembling three pieces of evidence and drawing a neat conclusion.

Instead of having students write a five-paragraph essay with a prefabricated argument and selective evidence, I gave them thesis-seeking and exploratory assignments that started with their observations, questions, and hunches.

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Students And Essay Writing Practices

Students’ current essay writing in my classes is best analogized to aimless strolls. When they put pen to paper, it’s as if they’re packing their bags, heading out the door, and venturing across an endless plain. 

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Starlings murmuring in a whirlwind above them captivate their attention. 

They follow the example of the itinerant poet Walt Whitman and stuff the bottoms of their pants into their boots. 

They take a detour, get lost in the underbrush, making the acquaintance of a traveling companion, and ultimately discover a location they were unaware of. In their writing, they openly use the first-person point of view to describe their experience. In a time when computers can write essays for you, you must focus on these types of highly individualized projects.

Packed With Meat and Cheese, Pasta Salad

The Procedure of Learning All Will Change, The Communication …

First, I have my students explain the contexts in which they sought answers and the scope and limitations of their earliest findings. Some of my students’ first stops could be in the library’s basement stacks, in dry academic articles, or even with their grandmothers.

 A discussion of the limitations of their early findings leads them to rethink their preliminary questions and hypotheses. They start to weave a web of improved and novel inquiries almost immediately. They look to the footnotes or reread an old favorite book of theirs to find the answers. 

Frequently, I’ll come across them sketching maps, clearly marking out the course of their travels. With each new source they explore, they practice critical thinking by asking, “What does this help me understand?” and “What happens when I add this to what I already know?”

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Inevitably, Some Roads End in Impassable Walls. 

Some lead to junctions with three possible paths. 

For others, crossing the chasm into the unknown calls for heroic measures.

Like I have been doing, I will have them focus critically on the answers provided by ChatGPT and determine which ones require further study.

From the safety of the hedgerow, I cheer them on as their teacher. 

Once in a great while, I’ll quietly give them a compass reading or present them with a brand-new set of binoculars. 

Though it is my primary responsibility to equip them with the means necessary to reach a point of fresh comprehension, it is no less vital that I assist them in appreciating the significance of the journey itself, even if the destination remains elusive. They should feel free to ask more questions than they are given answers to.

Cast a Critical Eye on ChatGPT’s Stock

What is ChatGPT

Whether I like it or not, I anticipate that ChatGPT will quickly become a stop on the map for my students. I won’t scare them away by saying it’s as dangerous as quicksand or as impossible as Mount Everest. 

Instead, I’ll have them, like I have been, cast a critical eye on ChatGPT’s stock answers and determine which ones warrant further investigation. 

In the past, I’ve urged students to explore uncharted territory so that the course they chart in their papers would be entirely original to them.

Vertical Mouse; Benefits of The New Version

Now that ChatGPT has arrived, what should I tell teachers? 

It’s high time for us educators to do some introspective exploring of our own. 

We must figure out what it means to teach students across all subjects the skills that will allow them to live lives with meaning and purpose. 

In the coming weeks, I’ll ask my coworkers to consider the following prompt: “I’m a [subject you teach] teacher. 

Could you take a look at my approach to ChatGPT?

Even though the variety of our answers is unlikely to halt the swift current of AI permanently, we will be less lonely on our journeys together as we gather, think, and distill.

A real-life educator wrote this piece.

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