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Toy Safety Tips and Learn More About the Best Safety Practices For Purchasing New and Used Toys 

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Toy Safety Tips and Learn More About the Best Safety Practices For Purchasing New and Used Toys 


Toy Safety Tips and Why

Learn about toy safety tips and practices, how to use them for tiny babies, and Safely with our safety advice for purchasing new and used toys:
As a result of price hikes and stock shortages, many consumers are turning to the internet, charity shops, and other non-traditional retailers to satisfy their children’s playtime needs. 

However, whether brand new or used, toys can sometimes be dangerous.

Two hundred toys were analyzed in a study published in January in Environmental Science & Technology journal. The toys came from homes, charities, secondhand stores, and daycares in the South-West of England.

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Toy Safety Tips and Learn More About Toys

What They Wanted to Know Was whether or Not Used Plastic Toys Were Dangerous for Kids

In particular, they were looking for chromium, selenium, and lead among the nine potentially dangerous chemicals they screened for.  Most of the 9 chemicals found in the toys (20 out of 200) were at levels that would not pass the safety standards set by the European Council’s Toy Safety Directive. 

(The restrictions on chemicals in children’s toys were implemented in 2013). If a child were to chew on one of these toys repeatedly over a long period, the exposure could be “chronically toxic,” according to the study’s authors. We had no worries about the children playing with the toys.  Children putting them in their mouths or adults chewing on them posed a threat.

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Toys From Thrift Stores and Grandma’s Heirlooms: Some Words of Advice

Traditional playthings predate the widespread implementation of modern safety standards. 

Likewise, there will be no minimum or maximum ages for purchasing. Stopping the use of LEGO blocks from the 1970s or 1980s. Dr. Andrew Turner of the University of Portsmouth identified them as a significant cause for alarm. 

Particularly those of a red, yellow, or black hue, as these colors typically indicate the presence of more dangerous chemicals.

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Exercise Caution When Shopping For or Playing With Anything With Small Parts. 

To check if the pieces are coming loose, try pulling on them. Soft toy eyes are especially vulnerable to damage. If you are worried that the paint on an old toy might contain lead, it’s best to avoid buying it.

Do not use it for play if the paint is peeling. It’s doubtful that dolls or stuffed animals would be fireproof if they wore clothes when playing with a toy that requires batteries; exercise caution.

Button batteries are extremely harmful if ingested or inserted into a body cavity. Make sure the battery compartment is easily accessible. Inspect the battery compartment for a screw and ensure it is not rusted or rounded off. Battery corrosion is a sure sign that the toy should be discarded.

Toys Need to be Cleaned, But How?

Toys used before are not likely to be spotless or sanitized. Washing these correctly can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Tripping Stuffed Animals: 

Most stuffed toys are easily cleaned with a disinfectant spray or washing in the machine.  It’s best to double-check the packaging before putting them in the pillowcase and keep any loose parts, like eyes, out of the way of the drum.

Remove batteries from hard toys before cleaning them with a damp cloth, hot water, and disinfectant. These plastic blocks can be disinfected with a quick rinse in the sink.  They can also be washed in the machine if placed in a zippered pillowcase.

There is something special about making new memories while enjoying treasured heirlooms and vintage toys. 

In any case, keep in mind the safety above concerns as well.

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The Practice of Shopping at a Wide Variety of Online Stores

We regret that not all commercially-available products are risk-free.

When in doubt, stick to trusted high street retailers, which includes their online outlets.

Always ensure the toy has the CE marking, but be wary of convincing knockoffs.

Do Your Homework Before Making a Purchase.

If you can, it’s best to buy from a UK company, as they will have to follow more stringent rules. It’s essential to remember that a UK mailing address may merely be a front for an overseas business.

The risks of shopping on an online marketplace include that they do not manufacture or test all of the products they offer for sale and, therefore, cannot guarantee the quality of children’s toys sold by third parties.

Many products on the market today look just like the real thing, but they contain harmful substances to kids.

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What Sort of Warning Labels Should be Placed on Children’s Toys?

On the labels of toys, you’ll often find two recognizable icons:

Brand of the Lion. 

It’s been around since 1988, when the British Toy and Hobby Association introduced it, becoming a toy safety and quality symbol.

In the European Union, the CE Mark and the manufacturer’s details are mandatory for all toys. 

By carrying the CE Mark, a manufacturer certifies that their product satisfies the safety standards set forth by the European Union’s Toy Safety Directive. 

It would help if you always looked for the Lion Mark instead of the CE mark because the CE mark is merely a Trading Standard mark and not an indication of quality or safety.

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These Are the Most Harmful Playthings Ever.

Toys that use button batteries that can be easily swallowed and cause severe burns to a child’s esophagus. The super strong magnets can bind together and twist your child’s intestines, cutting off blood supply and causing severe damage if more than one is swallowed.

Hazardous Toys Can Strangle a Child Due to Their Long Cords.

Some children’s toys have dangerous chargers that can catch fire, and others have wires that can electrocute a child if they play with them.

The Office of Product Safety and Standards has released a poster warning consumers of the dangers of online shopping. The CAPT provides additional details on the subject.

Reporting Procedure for Dangerous Toys

If you have any concerns about whether or not a toy is safe for children, please get in touch with Trading Standards. 

They’re thinking about making a purchase in a store or online.

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