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Different Social Consequences of Divorce in Pakistan

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Different Social Consequences of Divorce in Pakistan

 Social Consequences of Divorce Marriage is the cornerstone of society.  The father-mother relationship is the foundation of all others, and society as a whole flourish when it is also a loving and exclusive marriage. A society’s strength rests on the foundation of happy marriages.

An individual’s life does not truly begin until they tie the knot.   This commitment involves making a long-term commitment to one another and starting a family with that person. Marriage usually has far-reaching effects on one’s life, including one’s material well-being, one’s spiritual development, and one’s social life.

Sadly, many people cannot escape unhappy marriages. They feel they must keep their marriage together for the sake of their children and thus consider divorce impossible.

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However, many young people and adults are the products of a broken home. 

Can we say their situation is worse than that of kids whose parents are still together?

Consequences of Divorce

Divorce increases the risk of emotional harm, negative feelings, low self-esteem, behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders in children.

Emotional Problems

Emotional problems are more prevalent in boys than in girls. Everyone, including kids and adults, can feel the ripples of a divorce in their social lives. Because they are used as such, children suffer the most. 

They have to keep moving from one house to another. They frequently experience feelings of loneliness. Many people feel regret and shame because they believe they are to blame for their parent’s divorce.

Many children feel pressured to pick sides because of their parent’s conflict. Many kids who experience this grow up believing they are incapable of trusting adults or forming healthy relationships.

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The Circle of Friends Will Likely Shrink. 

After a divorce, a person’s circle of friends will likely shrink. Their relationship status changes from couple to half-couple. They most likely spent their married life forming friendships with other couples.

Together, the couple might have participated in group activities. When a married couple decides to separate, this dynamic shifts. It’s awkward to hang out with just one person anymore for fear of making a partner feel like you’re choosing sides.

Due to their new dynamic, the divorced couple finds that their circle of friends shrinks. They may drift apart from their married friends and be forced to seek solace in the company of other singles who understand their plight.

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Feel Alone and Rejected. 

It’s common for the divorcing couple to feel alone and rejected. It’s a common coping mechanism for many people who begin isolating themselves and developing depression. All family members are affected by a divorce, and the resulting changes can lead to tension.

As a result of feeling obligated to choose a side, friends, and family of the divorcing couple may find it difficult to continue supporting both after the divorce. It creates tension in some interpersonal connections. Divorcing a spouse was once considered morally reprehensible despite its legality.

The Public Stigmatized Divorcing Couples. 

Although divorce is less shameful now than ever, it still has repercussions. The general public often disregards the monetary ramifications. Even if one spouse ends up with the house in a divorce, they’re still on the hook for the mortgage, which can be tough to manage on a single income.

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Now there are two homes supported by four incomes rather than a single home supported by two. These days, a dollar has less buying power than it once did.

Divorce is a Leading Cause of Poverty, 

Divorce is a leading cause of poverty, especially for single mothers raising children. Since many fathers do not provide financial support for their children, it is common for mothers to hold down more than one job. Too many kids lack necessities. And many kids struggle academically as well. 

Many people experience emotional and behavioral issues after getting a divorce. Children’s lives are upended by divorce because they must adjust to living in two different households. 

Effects on Children’s Education

Most parents are too preoccupied to assist their children with homework. The chances of a youngster dropping out of school because of a divorce rise significantly. Many children of divorce are also prone to substance abuse and sexual experimentation. They might try to escape from home or get expelled from school. 

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Furthermore, they frequently resort to violence and the use of lethal force.

Should you stay in a bad marriage just for the sake of the kids, given all the drawbacks associated with splitting up?

Perhaps, but not necessarily. 

No one wants to go through a divorce’s emotional and financial turmoil unless it’s essential. For this reason, if you discover that your marriage is in trouble, you might want to try to fix it. The health of a family depends on two parents being happy in their marriage. If you’re married, though, and you and your partner never stop bickering, it can be incredibly stressful for your children.

Children Will Also Experience Marital Discord.


Because of your constant bickering, your children will be exposed to it. By modeling a dysfunctional marriage for your children, you are increasing the likelihood that they will also experience marital discord.

Divorce has far-reaching repercussions that may not disappear for years. Divorcing civilly and cooperatively is an excellent example of healthy relationships for your children to observe.

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They can have the same happy, healthy upbringing as married kids if you and the other parent try to show them love and attention. They might feel better knowing there is peace in the home instead of the constant bickering of their parents. One should not be kept in an unhappy marriage against one’s will. Divorce has long-lasting consequences, so it’s essential to consider this choice carefully. One’s financial stability, mental health, and social relationships can all be impacted.

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