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The Art of Nurturing Young Girls to Grow Into Independent and Strong Women

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The Art of Nurturing Young Girls to Grow Into Independent and Strong Women

Strong Women

Many strong women make up our world, and when they realize how important they are, they make a lot of remarkable improvements. What we do profoundly affects lives. I wanted to say how psychologically strong we all are.

There is more to being a mentally strong woman than how we feel about our appearance on any one day. Having the most followers or the highest bank account balance is optional. What matters is our personality. This means prioritizing our health while also setting a positive example for others.

Who is a Strong Woman?

A strong woman is emotionally mature enough to handle herself on her own. A healthy relationship is best shared by ambitious women who aren’t afraid to strike out independently and pursue their passions, even if their spouse doesn’t share the same interests.

 But that doesn’t imply a powerful woman doesn’t experience heartache when relationships fizzle out. On the other hand, she’ll be able to let go and move on when a relationship ends.

A woman with strong opinions is like a full circle: complete and utter. The distinction between her “needs” and her “wants” is clear to her. She never dwells on her mistakes, viewing them as opportunities to grow and learn; she can take the fragments of her heart and turn them into something beautiful.

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Attributes of Strong Women

One glorious day, she realized her fierceness, strength, and fiery spirit, unstoppable by her doubts. Her passion blazed brighter than any fear, propelling her forward with unwavering determination. “Mark Antony” or Marcus Antonius

Thinking about the strong women I’ve been fortunate enough to know helps me define strength in women. Being in the company of strong women, from my mom to my fellow coaches at the School of Self-Image, has helped me develop into the person I am today.

  • These ladies have bravely overcome obstacles and worries by believing in themselves and doing what is necessary.
  • By recognizing and embracing our feminine power as potent in its own right, we may face fear, powerlessness, and challenges head-on.
  1. Brave Women Know That Anxiety Is Just That—An Emotion.

Strong Women

People associate fear with worrying about loved ones, heights, flying, painful experiences, and creepy crawlies.

Fear, however, can be significantly more subtle at times, to the point where we fail to recognize it as such.

Nothing is as scary as change, achievement, disappointment, or our perceived flaws.

  • We fear the consequences of giving in to habits like excessive drinking, shopping, eating, or manipulating others, even though they may provide short-term relief.
  • Also, there’s usually a lot of suffering associated with our existential fears. A friend once told me that the strength to grow is within you; tap into it when your grief is more significant than your fear. Worry is natural.
  •  It can be beneficial at times; everyone has it. Being scared doesn’t make you any less brave or strong.
  1. That Kind of Anguish is Something Most of Us Have Experienced.

  • We should embrace the thrill and difficulty of creating the life we want rather than accepting the status quo and its sorrow.
  • The anguish of repeatedly failing to achieve our goals despite our best efforts
  • The anguish of believing one is inadequate
  • Feeling ignored, patronized, ignored, or unseen is a painful experience.
  • The anguish of realizing that we compromised our identity at some point to fit in with what other people expected or desired of us
  • We can all relate. A lot of people can relate.

And time and time again, I’ve witnessed strong, beautiful women (myself included) conquering our fears, healing our wounds, and realizing our full potential.

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  1. The Power of a Confident Woman

Strong Women

“The question isn’t who will let me; it’s who will stop me.” These are the words of Ayn Rand.

Her attitude is one of submission. This is my calling.

No matter how daunting or terrifying a task may seem at first, she never backs down from a challenge. As Marie Forleo would put it, “everything is figured outable,” and she is confident in her abilities.

Her best self speaks to her, and she believes in her abilities.

She exudes confidence through her wisdom and convictions rather than resorting to aggression or churlishness. Her composure allows her to be effective.

  1. Daring Women Lead Bold Lives

  • “I figure, if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one.” – Regrettable Jane.
  • A certain level of boldness is required to seize control of one’s life.
  • To break free of conformity and choose your path in life, you need to be brave and persistent.
  • Powerful women have lofty aspirations, intentionally pursue them, and never give up.
  • Never hold back; express yourself fully. Make the most of every moment by taking stock of your life from all perspectives.

A long time ago, I realized I did not desire to live a mundane and predictable life. Every time I do something, I want to shock myself. In addition, I long to take pride in who I am and the courage it takes to seize the life I truly deserve.

I must be prepared to leave my safety net at the door to live an outrageous life. Courage and daring are inseparable. We can only achieve our desires if we are courageous and ready to take chances.

  1. Powerful Women are the Unsung Heroes in Their Lives.

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” So says Nora Ephron.

  • Rather than wallowing in self-pity, resilient women never play the victim card and are always willing to provide a helping hand.
  • Without hesitation, they take the lead. Finding a solution is their goal.
  • They express gratitude for what they receive and ask for what they desire.
  • They view challenges as opportunities and problems as opportunities, and they rejoice in the “nos” that come their way because they know that soul gifts are often a part of them.
  • A strong woman knows she isn’t weak if she needs help and asks for it when needed.
  • Lastly, they take action instead of sitting about and hoping for help. Their own lives are spared.
  1. No Apologies Necessary: The Mark of a Strong Woman

Strong Women

“Be the best version of yourself, not a copy of someone else.” My name is Judy Garland.

Being one’s authentic self without apology is essential, and a powerful woman follows these rules to the letter.

  • Regardless of what others think, she does not let it control her.
  • Her thoughts, actions, attitudes, and beliefs are consistent with her self-assuredness.
  • Even though it was a hard lesson to learn, she now knows that pleasing others isn’t beneficial for her or anybody else.
  • She profoundly appreciates our individuality and fully embraces her style, never attempting to mimic another’s.
  • She now knows that people don’t give her as much attention as she gives herself credit.
  1. Resilient Women Value Setbacks and the Learning They Can Provide.

“Take a royal mindset. A queen is fearless in making a mistake. Every setback serves as a stepping stone to eventual success. That is Oprah Winfrey.

  • The key to a strong woman is accepting failure as a part of life and learning from it.
  • She dives headfirst into it, does all the heavy lifting, and offers it her all.
  • Fearing failure, she doesn’t pause, put things off, or come up with reasons not to begin. But she wants to fall flat on her face as soon as possible so she can quickly get back up, learn from her mistakes, and keep going.
  • Every setback is an opportunity for growth; strong women know this and are thankful for it.
  1. When a Woman is Strong, She Exudes an Air of Tremendous Elegance.

Many of us received messages about what it means to be elegant when we were small girls. According to their definition, an exquisite lady is gentle, generous, helpful, quiet, and willing to put herself last.

  • They had good intentions, to be sure, but they needed to be corrected. Their decision is understandable, though. Indeed, those were the identical texts that they, too, had received.
  • Modern society has taught us that powerful women can be helpful and friendly, but never at the expense of themselves. Yes, they have a gentle voice, but it’s in a bold, self-assured way; they are never timid or ignored.
  • Strong women are powerful, inspiring, and worthy of admiration and celebration.
  • Indeed, strong women are the very definition of grace.

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Tips for Nurturing Young Girls to Grow Into Strong Women

Strong Women

There was a time when gentle, delicate women were admired by society. Ideally, attractive but illiterate. My darling, please refrain from arguing, disagreeing, or expressing your thoughts. Give him a hand with the cooking, the cleaning, and the babysitting.

Like a piece of property, you walked down the aisle on your father’s arm as he gave you to your future husband. Also, look at coverture in the US if you disagree. This was a rule of law that effectively disenfranchised women.

A unity of the two will ensue, the preacher argues. They succeeded. He became it. As if her maiden name weren’t necessary, she became Mrs. John Smith.

Some people still think that should be the case for females. Look down on females. Prominent patriarchal males, certainly, but also women. Retaining those views. However, there are instances when we unintentionally instill a sense of inferiority in girls.

Like brown eyes, wide feet, and auburn hair, we sometimes pass down ideas and concepts. Somehow, ideas from previous generations have made it to our time, and we haven’t given them a second thought.

We moms should swap notes and discuss how to raise resilient females. There are five lessons that every young girl should learn. Hold on tight, for I may jingle a few jangled bones.

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First Rule: Her Body and Her Voice

When I informed my dad he needed to ask my two-year-old for permission before he could embrace her, I was afraid he would take offense. I had no idea that the way he stared at me while I confessed my love could be so expressive. Took pride in me, he said.

Do you know who took offense? Women. I have a few sisters. Oh! Pearls clutched by round mouths. It was so rude that it made them gasp. That was impolite, they said. My apologies. No. No one is being rude if they tell a tiny girl she can make her own decisions about her body. It is insulting to teach her that she doesn’t with her.

Accusing her of being frightened to say no when she was twelve or seventeen years old and then telling her that grown men may just grab her and shove their lips on her head, face, tummy, and body whenever they want. I am disappointed.

Clothes are no exception. Styles are her creation in the instant that she forms an opinion. Please do not purchase ruffles for her because she dislikes them. She owns the body. It is her turn to speak. It’s not a dolly; she’s just a little person. Get a little doggy, dress things up, and teach it to sit on demand. I am not a kid.

The Second Rule: She is Not Her Uterus.

Strong Women

You can encounter this for the first time in the toy section. Playthings are available for all genders. Some anatomically themed toys exist, but kids shouldn’t play with them. Oh my goodness, put those toys away.

Praising a four-year-old girl for her future motherhood abilities while giving her a doll is inappropriate. Today, why don’t we rejoice in her uniqueness?

Lend her a hand. Bring out the scientific kits and show them to her. A jar of crystals to cultivate. Miniature trains, magic sets, construction sets, robots, and tabletop volcanoes. Little bunnies, books, and teddy bears. Get to know her.

Look, 17.5% of teenage females become infertile, 21% decide they don’t want children, and 25% aren’t married by the time they’re 40. In addition, 7% identify as gay. She may benefit from letting go of the unnecessary guilt and instead focus on finding her identity.

Motherhood isn’t a woman’s natural calling. We all possess reproductive organs to ensure our species does not become extinct. You can’t compare the two. Little girls should not be viewed as a commodity whose sole function is procreation. That’s incorrect.

And for the love of all holy and righteous in this world, do not inquire about her period when she is an adult. Her business is the only one that matters. She will inform you because she wants you to know. That is none of your concern; perhaps she is unable to or does not desire any. A uterus is not the same as a human.

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The Third Rule is That She Isn’t Biologically Inferior

Almost two centuries. It took America that long to allow girls to attend school. The year 1607 at Jamestown, Virginia. American colony number one. Girls were first allowed to attend public schools in 1826. Unliterate mothers bring up illiterate daughters. You can give birth and clean the house without knowing how to read or write.

Even though it’s been over 200 years, we still treat boys as if they are inherently more intelligent than girls. Your daughter will eventually return from school and insist that boys are superior in math and science, no matter what you do. Or that she isn’t very good at them. Your objective is to reassure her that we’re all great at doing what makes us happy.

You are responsible for informing her that experts cannot distinguish between a male and a female brain when placed side by side. What we put into them is the only difference. Instead of worrying about what’s hidden in our underwear, we let our interests dictate what we put in them.

Math is one of many things involved, too. Permit the girl to play ball if she wants to. “Cry like a girl,” “throw like a girl,” and “run like a girl” are among other phrases that need to be used. All of us weep. 

We learned how to throw a ball at someone. No one else’s fault if that happens. It should be her lack of enthusiasm, not a lack of instruction due to her gender, that explains why she can’t throw.

Fourth Rule: It’s The Skin, Foolishness.

Strong Women

Women should not be embarrassed by their bodies. When she starts growing hair in an unusual place, that’s the first sign that anything is wrong. Nobody says gross when a thirteen-year-old has the Australian outback sprouting on her legs; that’s just something boys adore. 

A shrug escapes your lips. Always keep in mind the first rule. Her agency, her own body. Reassure her that it’s alright if she doesn’t mind. Shave with her if she wants to learn.

Here’s yet another spot where it will appear—student clothing regulations. Oh my goodness, she will die from paper cuts and be forever shamed if she exposes too much leg or shoulder. My darling, lower your arms. How long is that skirt? It should be longer than your fingers. Plus, no halters. The lads are so stupid.

What about you? Reassure her that she is mistaken; it is your duty. The problem lies with the boy, not her, if he can’t think. Warn her that grownups are often mistaken. Make a fool of yourself that some of our forefathers’ puritanical tendencies are hardwired into our bodies.

And what’s worse? What we choose to fight for, grit our teeth, and accept will depend on our decisions. Choose our fights. Is attending your graduation more critical to you than wearing that suit? To get your diploma or to wear a bikini? Show her how to choose her fights wisely. Get out of there or fight with everything she has. But choose.

You might also figure out that girls aren’t targeted for sexual assault based on their clothing choices, that a neckline isn’t indicative of anything other than personal style, and that rule one is relevant even in this modern day if you manage to pull that off while she’s still in school. Her agency, her own body.

Fifth Rule: She is an Individual, Not a Pair.

Here is what an adult female said. “My man was taken by her.” Hearing things like that makes me feel like I was abducted and dumped hundreds of years ago. Jane Austen, howdy.

Hey there, your man is immovable. He will do anything to be at your side. Love isn’t a Happy Meal gift that another child can get their dirty claws on and steal from you, causing you to cry.

Among all things, love is the most exquisite. Appear as if you were born with a star on your finger. Feeling the world’s gaze fixed on you when it isn’t. Embracing another human being is like returning home.

Unfortunately, not all married couples enjoy each other’s company and half of all marriages eventually end in divorce. Why? Because we mess it up, starting immediately.

Here it begins. Mommy says her little girl has returned home. My body took a blow from Billy. Mommy says, “Ooh, Billy likes you,” while smiling her understated knowing smile. 

Connecting the dots between like and hitting in her mind seems like the most natural and healthy thing to do. Next, you’ll be perplexed why she doesn’t leave the guy who beats, insults and makes her weep at thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-six, fifty-seven, or eighty.

Because they couldn’t work or own money or bank accounts, women used to compete with men. One man was getting by. Love is not it. Teach your daughter otherwise if you despise her way of life.

She is not half a person; teach her that. Neither more nor less than if she had a partner. Hormones make it impossible for parents to communicate. Not. You can, however, lay a base for them.

Strong Women

Inspire her to be authentic and follow her passions. If she does that, she will meet someone who shares her passions. And even if she did, it doesn’t make her “less than” anyone else.

I once viewed this film. One day, the man awoke in the future, completely bewildered by his surroundings. He was bewildered by half of the events. That is a perfect score for an A-list film. There are better approaches to raising our daughters than that.

This is The World That Today’s Young Girls are Growing Up In.

Like our tiny princesses, we nurture and protect them. Assure her that she is capable of achieving her wildest dreams. Purchase her empowering tees. After that, released into a world where the wage difference between men and women persists. 

The US Census reports that her earnings will be 80 cents for every dollar a man earns. Half a million throughout a forty-year career. And her pension will also decrease as a result.

Additionally, she will be required to work. Just seven percent of American homes rely solely on the man’s salary.

  • While she’s out there, she should be self-aware enough to realize that women make up the vast majority of assault victims (91%), victims of domestic violence (85%), perpetrators of homicide (three women killed daily by men who had previously loved them), and victims of sexual assault (one woman raped every two minutes in the US alone).
  • Not even feminism is at issue. It makes no difference to me whether she or you identify as a feminist. That women are influential, intelligent, and capable individuals who can thrive independently is essential to me. And we must assist young girls in reaching their destination.

This California woman was the subject of a genuine story that I read. She began to experience hallucinations that led her to question her sanity. Vacant spaces where no one is around to cast a shadow. Unsettling sensations caused her to shiver and itch. I had no idea who to contact. Is a psychiatrist someone she contacts? Alternatively, who?

It turned out that her home had a little carbon monoxide leak. She had temporary hallucinations caused by it. Deadly over time. Thankfully, someone informed her after she placed it online.

That is also how thoughts function. The gradual seepage of memories into the present moment drives us temporarily insane. But what about the future? Lethal.


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