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Lavinia Fisher: The Debutante Female Serial Killer in the United States

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Lavinia Fisher: The Debutante Female Serial Killer in the United States

Female Serial Killer

The first American Female Serial Killer, Lavinia Fisher, gained wide recognition, apparently according to civic legend. Nothing is known about her nonage, where she was born in 1793, or her maiden name. Although the data may not always back up the stories, Fisher was really hung for her transgressions.

Civic legend has it that Lavinia Fisher, an American miscreant from 1793 until 1820, was the country’s first womanish periodical killer. Neither she nor her hubby, John Fisher, were set up shamefaced of murder but of trace thievery, which carried the death penalty at the time.

Some chroniclers argue that Lavinia Fisher was now a killer and that the classic story isn’t true. But she was an integral part of a big trace gang that ran out of two homes in the nature close to Charleston — the Five Mile House and the Six Mile House. Whether the Six Mile House was really a hostel or a haven for several culprits is unclear.

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Female Serial Killer


Charleston, South Carolina, was the home of Fisher and her hubby for the utmost of their life. In the early 1800s, they were owners and directors of the Six Mile Wayfarer House, an auberge.

The hostel got its name from the fact that it was positioned six long hauls north of Charleston. There were calls to the sheriff’s office regarding missing callers while the brace was there. These allegations were unsupported since there was inadequate evidence, and the couple was well-liked by the community concealed offences.

Female Serial Killer Lavinia Fisher Would Have Lonely Trippers

Female Serial Killer

Over for supper at the Six Mile Wayfarer House, where she’d try to gauge their fiscal situation by asking them about their jobs. A mug of poisoned tea would be transferred to their apartments by her. Her hubby would return to the room after the men had finished their tea and gone to bed in order to severely beat them, occasionally to the point of death.

According to another interpretation of the story, the guys would only get many hours of sleep from the tea. The victim would be lowered into a hole when Lavinia pulled a switch, causing the bed to collapse just as they were about to fall asleep. At the base of the hole, some said, were harpoons.

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The reported killings by John and Lavinia Fisher have gotten exaggerated over time, making it difficult to gain dependable data. On the other hand, reports from the Charleston Post and Courier said that in February 1819, a vigilante group went to the Fishermen’s area to put an end to what was apparently’ gang conditioning’ going on there.

A youthful man named David Ross was left to stay watch in the region while the gang returned to Charleston, satisfied with their charge done.

Two guys assaulted Ross the following morning and hauled him before the group that had agonized the area the day ahead. He sought backing from one of them, Lavinia Fisher. She should have helped him, but rather, she choked him and banged his head against a glass. Ross got down and called the police right away. 

Shortly after this, a fellow sightseer by the name of John Peeples inquired as to whether there were any available apartments; Lavinia informed him that, while there were none, she invited him to come outside for a mug of tea and a break.

Unintentionally appearing ungracious, John poured out her tea while she was not looking because he happened to despise it. After hours of questioning him, she claimed to have set up that they did have a room. Later, he retired for the night.

 Because he was anxious about being robbed and felt suspicious throughout the interview, he chose to sleep in the rustic presidential suite beside the entrance. It was in the middle of the night that he heard his bed give way, and it was also that he learned of the Fishermen’ plot. In order to notify the authorities, he sprang out of the window and rode to Charleston.

These two reports ultimately handed law police the names of the bushwhackers, a commodity they had been lacking ahead. John and Lavinia were restrained by the police, as well as two further gang members, during the posterior inquiry. In an attempt to hide his woman from implicit gunfire, John Fisher surrendered the group.

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 In a posterior questioning, he made fresh trouble to shield Lavinia by revealing the identity of every gang member. Lavinia and John Fisher’s Six Mile Wayfarer House would have been a familiar sight to early nineteenth-century trippers heading north of Charleston, South Carolina, along the Old Charleston Road. 

Female Serial Killer

A place to eat, drink, or stay the night is possible. A mug of tea could be on the house as a hello from Mrs. Fisher. Along Old Charleston Road, several pilgrims dissolved between 1800 and 1820; consuming it would make you one of them.

Someone is considered a periodical killer in moment’s society if they’ve boggled three or further people, with at least one period of inactivity in between. ( A spree killer is someone who kills without giving themselves time to calm down.) 

No one knows exactly how numerous people Lavinia Fisher boggled, although it’s allowed to have been far further than three. The Fishermen could simply lower the bodies of their tenants into the basement since the floorboards of one of the guest apartments were divisible.

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The only offense that prosecutors were suitable to show against the two was thievery, which served as the motive for these killings. There were no remains to suggest a murder since the Fishermen were so good at disguising them in the girding morasses and woods.

The Fishermen’s rulings included the death penalty. There was a law in South Carolina that proscribed the prosecution of married women back also. So that Lavinia may be entitled to the cutthroat’s ministrations as a widow, the judge condemned John Fisher to death by hanging first.

According to reports, Lavinia had a good figure. She hoped that a Joe among the observers would marry her on the spot( a clerk was there) and save her from the mesh, so she wore her matrimonial vesture to the gallows.

Still, not a single bachelorette has shown any desire to live it up with a periodical killer.” Present it to me if you have a communication you would like to shoot to hell,” were her final reflections. 

The first known womanish periodical killer in the United States is Lavinia Fisher. Whether or not she was a clinical evaluation can not determine a psycho. To adopt a line from No Country for Old Men,” she’ll do until the psycho gets then,” indeed if she wasn’t. The film’s tyrannous sheriff, played by Tommy Lee Jones, said that a condemned internee” said he knew he was going to hell” and would” be there in about fifteen twinkles.” 

Regardless of gender, not all sickies commit murder. Numerous people go through life taking advantage of and exploiting other people, exercising their head, seductiveness, and unethical capacities to make their schemes come to consummation. 

Ponzi schemers, fiddle artists, periodical baiters, immoral politicians, ruthless business types, and exploitative religious leaders are among the people you could encounter with this particularity.

People they know are generally the victims of psychotic killings by women. Subtle tactics, rather than overt aggression, are their preferred strategy. As an illustration, poisoned tea was the armament of choice for Lavinia Fisher. In order to have teenage males attack and murder her hubby, Pamela Smart employed coitus and other persuading.

 One unusual case in point is Aileen Wuornos, who fatally shot her victims at point-blank range. By hitching, she discovered her manly targets. Wuornos allured them to distant regions by promising coitus, and also she killed them with a dynamo. She stole their vehicles and effects.

Within the general population, estimates of psychopathy place males at around 1 and ladies at about 03 to 07 percent. So, the most extremely uncommon kind of psycho is ladies; this is the content of my future book. Of the women in captivity, 11 – 17 are sickies. They make up between 15 to 30 of the manly capture population.

The idea that periodical killers are all sickies is widespread. Because, after all, they act virulently and show no sign of remorse. Oh, it’s far from easy. As an illustration, consider the psycho Ted Bundy. His psychiatric assessment, which the court commanded, verifies that. also, Aileen Wuornos’s score on the Psychopathy roster- Revised( PCL- R) was in the abnormal order. Nevertheless, Jeffrey Dahmer demanded psycho tendencies. 

Both BPD and schizoid personality complaints were listed as judgments for him. Without a cerebral evaluation, all we can say about periodical murders like Lavinia Fisher is that they acted psychopathically.” They will serve until the psycho arrives.”

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Judgment and Death

Female Serial Killer

Between their prisoner and death, nearly a whole time passed. The Fishermen entered not shamefaced pleas at their censure and were ordered to remain in jail until their May trial, but their conspirators were granted bail.

Despite their claims of innocence, the jury condemned them of the death charge of trace thievery. But the judge granted their appeal, so they get a respite until the court’s session in January.

Since they were all confined to a single, unguarded 6×8 cell at the Charleston, South Carolina captivity( the” Old City Jail”), the Fishermen passed the time by plotting their escape. Their escape was initiated on September 13th, as per their medications.

The rope they had fashioned from captivity linens snapped, releasing John but entrapping Lavinia in the cell. His disinclination to do with the escape plot led to his regain. Stricter security measures were also enforced for the two.

Both were condemned to death by hanging on February 4, 1820, after the indigenous court denied their prayers. John, who was about to be executed, heeded the advice of an original pastor named Reverend Richard Furman, but Lavinia’s wrathfulness only grew.

Previous to John Fisher’s death, on the gallows outside the Old City Jail, Rev. Furman read a letter that John had written. In it, John claimed that, having come a Christian, he couldn’t be hanged with a false blame worthiness against him.

 He prayed the justice system to pity him since he was adamant about his innocence. Fisher started arguing his case in front of the roughly 2,000 people who had gathered after the minister read the letter. When he asked for their amnesty, it was as if he were to contradict himself.

Scuttlebutt has it that Lavinia, right up until she was about to be hanged, said under her breath,” If any of you have a communication for the devil, tell me now, for I shall be seeing him shortly.” This was her last act of denial of an amnesty. She also committed self-murder by jumping from the platform. Excursionists continue to report seeing her specter, and some suppose she haunts the Old Charleston Jail House.


A potter’s field next to the Old City Jail was where Lavinia was laid to rest. It appears that stint attendants pushed the fabrication of her burial at either 150 Meeting Street( The indirect Congregational Church) or 4 Archdale Street( The Unitarian Church).

A Haunted Tale for Halloween: The Six Mile House

Female Serial Killer

The tale of John and Lavinia Fisher, two of Charleston’s favorite periodical manslayers, and the tale I am about to tell you is one of the oldest and most pictorial stories in the megacity. Still, in order to convey the story directly, I must make citations to Charleston’s most haunted structure. In a notorious position, it lies. 

A grease paint magazine, an installation for storing gunpowder, was constructed on the grounds of what had preliminarily been a paupers’ graveyard in 1772. Someone dropped their pipe eight times later in May 1780, when the Loyalists surrendered to the British. The conditions of release required them to surrender their rifles and gunpowder to the Magazine. 

A massive explosion rocked the magazine, killing 29 individuals and scattering their remains over the megacity. The Unitarian church becket, they said, bore the mark of a corpse! That identical spot was used to construct the tower of which I speak in 1803. moment, the Gothic castle remains towering and haggard, falling to its foundations. On MagazineSt., you can still see what was formerly the County Jail.

It’s incontrovertibly the most haunted structure in Charleston. From its opening in 1803, until it ended in 1937, the structure was the point of 35,000 recorded losses. So, it’s no surprise that some say it’s the most haunted structure in Charleston. The scariest ghost in Charleston resides there as well, a white floating spirit that lingers in the great bounded halls. My point is that we must return to the Fishermen, John and Lavinia.

The Six Mile House, run by the Fishermen, was an auberge positioned about six long hauls along Meeting Street Road. In 1819, six long hauls up Meeting Street were quite a distance from the city. One may argue that the Fishermen were operating a pastoral auberge. Currently, when most people picture a pastoral auberge, images of pillows adorned with mints and fresh flowers come to mind. 

But back in the day, a country auberge would be known as a boîte, and utmost of those auberges had two apartments. There was a separate area for the men to sleep in, and the beds could accommodate three people! Supposedly, in 181, people’s prospects of sequestration were different.

The Fishermen, John and Lavinia, were settlers, nonetheless. The Fishermen had a special room set away for rich callers who were travelling alone — and by” alone,” we mean without companions. The Fishermen served their flush guests nothing but the finest — the finest food and wine. 

Plus, before they went to bed, they were given a unique nightcap that would put them to sleep. and they slept well the whole time! A poisonous draught, if you will. Indeed, the bed was said to be exceptional; according to the ancient stories, if you believe them, the bed was actually a platform with a cinch. To spin it, they would raise the grasp. The courses would dip into a lime hole under the home! Painlessly and without evidence!

A group of twelve rich, reclusive excursionists dissolved from the Six Mile House area for fourteen months. After all that time had passed, the whereabouts of two of the missing men were eventually linked to John and Lavinia Fisher, who had just moved into the former County jail on magazines.

The Charleston community was opposed to Lavinia Fisher’s murder conviction. The fact remained that she was a married lady. A decent woman, according to societal morals at the time, would noway murder her hubby unless forced to do so. They were left with no other option, however, as Lavinia Fisher showed no signs of sadness or remorse for her geste.

. From the substantiation stage, Lavinia Fisher gasconaded about her capers! The murder charge against Lavinia Fisher was eventually upheld. The death penalty was assessed upon her.

Just to give you an idea of the impact she had on the community, she asked to wear her marriage dress on her prosecution day. To rephrase what Lavinia Fisher formerly said,

I’ll be the bridegroom of Satan in Hell! Eventually, the day of Lavinia Fisher’s prosecution has come. The public’s roar over the prosecution of a married lady had a response. John, the hubby, is the first to be hanged.

Lavinia Fisher became a widow as a result!!! The prosecution of Lavinia Fisher may now go on without any reproach. As he prays with her, the pastor carries her to the hanging cross. As Lavinia steps up to the tribune, the minister looks across at her and begs,

Is penitence your intention, Sister Lavinia? What did she tell the minister and the substantiations who were latterly silenced? Still, please deliver it to me incontinently; I’ll deliver it,” If you have a communication for Satan.”

Also, while the affrighted bystanders watch, Lavinia Fisher, who’s manacled by the rope around her neck, pushes the switch, causing the trap to descend and causing her to hang herself.

Still, locals in Charleston hold the belief that Lavinia Fisher noway crossed paths with Satan. The most scary ghost in Charleston is Lavinia Fisher, you see. It’s she who, dressed in a white ghostly gown, lingers as a ghost in the great bounded corridors of the ancient County Jail. And if any unlucky souls are to cross paths with Lavinia, she’ll charge at them along the corridors while yelling and yanking her hair. Why, Lavinia Fisher swivels her head to see the burned rope.

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The Reasons Behind the Media Cult of Periodical Killers Not Everyone Has the Same Position of Empathy.

Female Serial Killer

In my line of work as a criminologist, I constantly engage in exchanges with groups of nonnatives about notorious periodical manslayers like Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader, or Jack the Ripper. Bundy and others like him have truly become icons of pop culture, or what I name” celebrity monsters,” Throughout the 1970s. Unexpectedly, Oxygen TV Network has started a periodical killer week that’s similar to Discovery TV Network’s monthly wolf week.

When talking about periodical killers, some people get really enthusiastic. In what way is that so? Is it possible that the same reason why some of us find it so disturbing to peer at a terrible auto crash on the side of the road also applies to our sick seductiveness with periodical killers?

  1. Periodical murders, in my opinion, are like monster pictures for kiddies terrifyingly amusing! The public finds periodical killers, like monster pictures, incredibly appealing due of the exhilarating adrenaline rush they deliver. 
  2. As a result, their horror stories in the media are nearly addictive. But it’s not easy to admit — and it could indeed make you feel shamefaced — that watching periodical killers gives you pleasure as a grown-up. According to my findings, numerous individuals who find periodical killers fascinating call it a” shamefaced pleasure.”
  3. The typical existent, who has been tutored to value life and who experiences a variety of typical mortal feelings like love, shame, pity, and remorse, can not sound the internal processes that would lead someone to abduct, torture, rape, murder, partake in necrophilia, and occasionally indeed consume another mortal being.
  4. I suppose the inexplicability of periodical killers’ conduct helps the public comprehend their provocations for inflicting inenarrable horrors on victims, numerous of whom are total nonnatives.
  5. Given this, it’s no surprise that periodical killers play on our primitive need to stay alive. Periodical killers’ callous incuriosity to mortal life and pain shakes our faith in humanity and makes us sweat for our safety.
  6. According to my exploration, there are several connected reasons why the general population adores periodical killers. To begin, there are veritably many of them engaged in murder assiduity; in fact, there are only around twenty- five of them in operation in the United States at any one moment. 
  7. Like natural catastrophes and road accidents, the killers and their crimes are mysterious and interesting. Due to their tremendous brutality and obviously abnormal geste, periodical manslayers allure people with their passionate seductiveness.
  8. Alternate, periodical manslayers frequently bear irrationally, picking victims arbitrarily or motivated by sexual desire. Due of this, anybody might be a victim, indeed if the chances of ever seeing one are similar to being attacked by a great white wolf.
  9. Unlike the norm in the United States, periodical manslayers tend to kill several individuals over time rather than just one. Their insatiability and fat nature characterize this pattern.
  10. The public’s inextinguishable curiosity about periodical killers like Jeffrey Dahmer stems, fourthly, from an ingrain and strong want to comprehend the provocations behind their terrible acts. On some subliminal position, perhaps, people suppose that Dahmer and his kind are not that scary if they can figure out what drives them.
  11. Villains like Dahmer, Bundy, and Gacy allow the followership to see its dark wants, dreams, and ideas reflected at it. Saying effects like” I despise my master, I want to kill him” is not always followed by action. Meanwhile, Bundy, Gacy, and the rest of them pull it off! People should think about what they would do in an analogous situation when they’re under tremendous pressure.
  12. Eventually, periodical killers are a disturbing, multi-faceted, and absorbing element of popular culture and news content. The public’s seductiveness with them is nuanced and multi-faceted. Still, I suppose we have got an ingrained capacity to relate to and indeed sympathize with anything, good or terrible, indeed ruthless, merciless periodical manslayers.

Some Questions

Does Lavinia Fisher’s story actually live?

Civic legend has it that Lavinia Fisher, an American miscreant from 1793 until 1820, was the country’s first womanish periodical killer. Neither she nor her hubby, John Fisher, were set up shamefaced of murder but of trace thievery, which carried the death penalty at the time. Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.

How about the Six Mile Wayfarer house? Is it still there?

That identical spot was used to construct the tower of which I speak in 1803. moment, the Gothic castle remains towering and haggard, falling to its foundations. On Magazine St., you can still see what was formerly the County Jail. As far as Charleston is concerned, it’s the most haunted structure in the megacity.


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