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Blackpink’s Jennie Kim Short Life Story

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Blackpink’s Jennie Kim Short Life Story

Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim, whose given name is Jennie, was born on 1 16, 1996, in the South Korean city of Cheongdam-dong. While studying in New Zealand, Jennie went abroad. In August 2010, she became a part of YG.

Jennie Kim returned to her home country of South Korea after spending her formative years in Auckland, New Zealand, before being born in Cheongdam-dong, South Korea. In 2010, soon after relocating to Seoul, she joined YG Entertainment as a trainee.

 Her fluency in English is a result of her upbringing abroad. Her proficiency in Japanese and Korean is extensive. Despite joining YG at the tender age of fourteen, she has already demonstrated immense promise.

 In the time leading up to her casting as a Blackpink member, she worked with other YG artists. Due to their comparable ages, the band debuted without a leader. However, rumors have circulated that Jennie could take over.

1)  Jennie Kim’s Early Life

She does not have any siblings. Originally, it was stated that she was born in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. However, in Apartment 404, she disclosed that she was, in fact, born in Bundang in Seongnam. 

She initially enrolled at Cheongdam Elementary School in Seoul before relocating to New Zealand. At the age of eight, she embarked on a family excursion to Australia and New Zealand. 

Jennie responded affirmatively when her mother inquired about her opinion of New Zealand and her desire to remain there. After a year, she was enrolled at Waikowhai Intermediate School in Auckland for her studies and resided with a homestay family. 

Jennie discussed her language acquisition journey in the 2006 documentary “English, Must Change to Survive,” produced by MBC. In her adolescence, she aspired to pursue a career as a ballet dancer. Upon finishing her intermediate education, she proceeded to enroll at ACG Parnell College.

Jennie was initially introduced to K-pop while she was in New Zealand, and she developed a specific fascination with the music produced by YG Entertainment. At the age of 14, her mother intended to relocate her to Florida in the United States to pursue her education with the goal of becoming a lawyer or teacher.

 However, she was not enthusiastic about this plan and had reservations about being unable to find fulfilling work while living alone. With the backing of her family, she relocated to South Korea in 2010 and enrolled in Cheongdam Middle School.

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 In that same year, Jennie successfully auditioned for YG Entertainment with her rendition of Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” and was accepted as a trainee by the label. In an interview with High Cut Korea, she admitted that due to her fear of unfamiliar people and her hesitancy to take the lead, she struggled to introduce herself during her audition. 

Originally a vocalist, the firm decided that she should also take on the role of a rapper, as many of the songs she sang featured rap sections. Additionally, she was the only trainee who was proficient in both English and Korean, and she also possesses rudimentary knowledge of Japanese and has studied French.

Jennie Career:

Jennie Kim

Jennie’s journey in the entertainment industry began in 2012 when she was introduced as a trainee under YG Entertainment, initially gaining attention through a photo teaser titled “Who’s that girl?”

 This led to significant online buzz, making her the most searched topic on various portal sites. Subsequently, she showcased her talents through cover videos. She featured appearances in music videos and tracks by fellow YG artists such as G-Dragon, Lee Hi, and Seungri.

In June 2016, Jennie Was Revealed as the First Member of Blackpink,

 YG Entertainment’s highly anticipated new girl group. The group officially debuted on August 8, 2016, with her single album “Square One,” featuring the hit songs “Boombayah” and “Whistle.”

 Within Blackpink, Jennie took on various responsibilities, including general duties and decision-making, showcasing her leadership skills within the group.

Throughout her career with Blackpink, Jennie has reflected on her years as a trainee, sharing insights into the rigorous training process at YG Entertainment. The group’s global success led to a partnership with Interscope Records in 2018, further solidifying their presence in the international music scene. 

Jennie’s journey from trainee to debut as a member of Blackpink highlights her perseverance, talent, and contributions to one of the most prominent K-pop groups in the industry.

Jennie’s rise to prominence within Blackpink and the broader entertainment industry was marked by her participation in various television programs and her subsequent solo debut. 

Running Man 

Her appearance on Running Man in July 2018 garnered significant attention, particularly a viral moment where she was seen crying after experiencing a horror room with Lee Kwang-soo.

 This led to her recognition as one of the best variety stars of 2018 and subsequent invitations to appear on various shows. Additionally, Jennie joined the cast of SBS’ Village Survival, the Eight, marking her first permanent role in a television series. 

Amidst her growing popularity, an announcement was made regarding her official solo debut, which generated anticipation and excitement among fans.

Jennie’s solo debut with the single album “Solo” in November 2018 was met with immense success both domestically and internationally. The song debuted at number one on the Gaon Music Chart.

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Triple Crown

Jennie Kim

 It achieved a triple crown for simultaneously topping multiple domestic charts. Overseas, “Solo” topped Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart, showcasing Jennie’s global appeal. The accompanying music video broke records, becoming the most viewed and searched by a female Korean solo artist within 24 hours on YouTube.

 Jennie’s solo endeavors continued with notable performances at the Coachella Valley Music in 2019, where she became the first Korean singer, dancer, and artist to perform at the event. Additionally, she contributed to Blackpink’s discography by co-writing the song “Lovesick Girls”. She debuted a new solo song titled “You & Me” during the group’s Born Pink World Tour in 2022.

In 2023, Jennie expanded her artistic pursuits by making her acting debut in the HBO “The Idol,” created by and starring Canadian singer The Weekend. Despite the show’s critical reception, Jennie’s portrayal of Dyanne, a backup dancer and friend to the pop star Jocelyn, received praise. 

Her collaboration with the Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp on the song “One of the Girls,” featured on the show’s soundtrack, further showcased her versatility as an artist. Additionally, Jennie founded her music label, Odd Atelier, indicating her commitment to exploring new creative ventures beyond her music career.

Following the success of her solo endeavors, including her performance on the Born Pink World Tour and the release of her solo single “You & Me,” Jennie continued to make waves in the music industry.

 The song’s commercial success reached number one on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. chart and receiving acclaim in various countries solidified her status as a prominent solo artist. 

Moreover, Jennie’s collaboration with American rapper Matt Champion on the song “Slow Motion” demonstrated her ongoing commitment to exploring diverse musical collaborations and pushing artistic boundaries, further establishing her as a multifaceted talent in the global music scene.

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Jennie Kim

BLACKPINK consists of members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa. The group formed after auditioning for agency YG Entertainment’s K-pop trainee program in South Korea, which debuted in August 2016.’

  •  The K-pop group released multiple single albums and EPs in the coming years, with 2018’s ‘SQUARE UP’ EP breaking into the all-genre tally 
  • The debut studio album ‘The Album’ arrived in October 2020 and peaked, while the sophomore set ‘Born Pink’ debuted in October 2022, 
  • making them the first K-pop girl group to top the chart. 
  • BLACKPINK arrived on the Hot 100 with 2018’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (off ‘Square Up’) at
  • Since finding global stardom, the quartet has made history with its achievements, 
  • among them being the first female K-pop artist on a Billboard magazine cover, 
  • becoming the first K-pop girl group recognized by the RIAA and being the first Asian act to headline Coachella in 2023. 
  • They’ve also collaborated with major music acts such as Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Dua Lipa.

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2) Artistry and Image

Influences and Musical Style

Jennie learned rap from the likes of Lauryn Hill and TLC, who were performers she looked up to and respected. One of Jennie’s main influences and role models in music is Rihanna, she said. Listening to musicians like Lana Del Rey, the famous Billie Eilish, the top Harry Hudson, H.E.R., and the great voice of Kacey Musgraves was a common practice for Jennie as she worked on Blackpink’s album. 

Before Jennie’s solo debut, vocal coach Shin Yoo-mi taught her for six years with Blackpink. Shin said of Jennie in an interview that she is talented in several areas, including singing, rapping, and songwriting.

Social Image

Jennie Kim

Jennie attended the 2019 Paris Fashion Week Chanel show.

As a young girl, Jennie started perusing fashion magazines and seeing various forms of clothes. Her mother sparked her passion for clothing and accessories. When asked about her earliest memories of the fashion house Chanel, Jennie told Elle Indonesia, 

“I remember when I was little, I looked through my mother’s wardrobe and searched for whatever vintage Chanel I could find.” This involvement with Chanel began at a young age, and Jennie never forgot it. 

She styled and planned her wardrobe for her solo debut, which included more than twenty different ensembles for the music video for “Solo.” According to an interview Jennie gave to Billboard, she learned a lot about fashion while making the music video since she thought about how each would go with the song and what she could alter.

 In an interview with Elle Korea, she discussed how fashion played a vital role in her career as she sought visual and auditory ways to express the meaning of her music.

Onstage, Jennie projects an impression of strength and sophistication, but offstage, she has a charming reverse charm that everyone loves. Regarding her personality, she says she is “quiet” and “shy,” mainly when she is around new people.

 “My personality may be what people think about my personality,” Jennie said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. However, I aspire to be an admirable person who thinks independently, not someone that other people have stereotyped me as. Village Survival, the Eight’s producer Jung Chul-min called Jennie “really funny.

” It said, “Despite her charismatic stage persona, she is undeniably a shy individual with a girlish, baby-like charm.”” Every episode brings out more fun in Jennie. She enjoys it even more as she gets more acquainted with it.

 When Elle Korea interviewed Jennie about being called an “icon” and “unique,” she said, “It is a great honor to serve as an inspiration and iconic figure for someone.”I feel the desire to improve my appearance whenever you describe me using these terms.


Jennie appeared in a May 2020 Marie Claire Korea promotional video. Jennie, who plays a significant role in the fashion image of Blackpink, has been dubbed “Human Chanel” and “Human Gucci.”

 From high-end brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent to more specialized ones like Marine Serre and Richard Quinn, her style portfolio has it all. 

Attendance at high-profile fashion events such as the Saint Laurent Summer 17 Collection Launch Party by Anthony Vaccarello, the Chanel Mademoiselle Privé show, and the Prada Comics Collection Launch Party were all extended to Jennie due to her impeccable taste in clothing. 

After seeing her far-reaching influence in the business world, Chanel appointed her House Ambassador. As soon as Jennie began performing her debut single “Solo” in South Korea, the five-by-five partition of hairpins she wore became known as “Jennie’s hairpins.”

In April 2017, Jennie made her magazine cover debut and had her first solo picture for Dazed Korea, featuring Saint Laurent. Boucheron Paris is a 160-year-old premium jewelry firm; rumors have it that Jennie’s “elegant” and “luxurious” demeanor prompted the company to shift its image marketing efforts.

 Presented in 2017 by the upscale membership publication Heren, the photo essay was dubbed “art that embodies light.”Dazed, Marie Claire, High Cut, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Wonderland, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Billboard are just a few of the fashion magazines that have featured Jennie on their covers since then.

Supporting Statements

Jennie Kim

Hera is a South Korean luxury beauty company owned by Amore Pacific. They chose Jennie as their brand ambassador in 2019 because of her “elegant and luxurious” look.

  Sales of Hera’s Red Vibe lip series—the first product in a new line that featured Jennie—increased fivefold over the company’s previous lip product. It was because of their rising star power that they were called “Jennie’s lipsticks.”

 Jennie was Hera’s worldwide ambassador when the Rouge Holic line debuted on Amazon in April 2021. Jennie advertised the Silky Stay Foundation by Hera in April 2022.

In February 2020, Jennie and Soojoo were appointed as endorsement models for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Aura Red and Blue, respectively, by KT Corporation, a major telecommunications company in South Korea.

 It was only for KT subscribers in South Korea that the product “Jennie Red” was released. Lotte Confectionery’s newest snack product, Air Baked, has Jennie as its brand spokesperson, the company said on June 11, 2020. 

Within their target group of women in their twenties and thirties, they deemed Jennie to be “trendy” for the product.

Chum Churum is a soju brand owned by Lotte Corporation, and Jennie was named its face on February 2, 2021. Lotte Chilsung released the first of Jennie’s brand promotional materials on February 10.  Jennie started modeling for the Kwangdong Vita500 vitamin drink commercials on March 8. 

 A new brand model, Jennie, was released on April 8 by the global nail brand Dashing Diva. Ace Bed, a South Korean brand of beds and mattresses, signed her as a model on August 17. Lotte Soonhari, a soju brand, signed Jennie as their face in August 2022. Jennie began modeling for the South Korean fragrance house Tamburins in September 2022.

Influence and Impression

In January 2018, Jennie shot her first photo shoot for Chanel Korea Beauty for Harper’s Bazaar Korea. She was picked as the brand’s new muse.  In June, she was appointed as the ambassador of Chanel Korea.

 A Chanel Korea representative emphasized that Jennie’s devoted following and fashionable sense were congruent with the house’s image as it sought to attract new generations of young consumers.

 In the same month, Jennie went to Deauville, France, to see the debut of Chanel’s latest perfume, Les Eaux De Chanel. Olivier Polge is the in-house perfume creator at Chanel; she visited with him, interviewed him, and shot a photo shoot for his new fragrance collection with Cosmopolitan Korea.

Jennie was appointed Chanel’s worldwide ambassador in October. Sitting in the first row beside Pharrell Williams and Pamela Anderson, she attended her first Chanel couture show during Paris Couture Week as a Korean ambassador. 

Dutch photographers Inez and Vinoodh photographed Jennie for Chanel’s Coco Neige 2021-22 campaign on September 23, 2021. Wearing a garment from the classic Chanel ready-to-wear collection from the fall of 1990, Jennie made her Met Gala debut in May 2023.  Her Chanel Coco Crush ad campaign debuted in January 2024.

The Calvin Klein x Heron Preston Spring 2021 collection, Drop 02, featured Jennie as its face on May 18, 2021. Photographer Kim Hee June and director Qiu Bohan collaborated on her campaign photos. As part of Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins digital campaign, Jennie was cast as a model for the fall 2021 campaign.

 The Language of Calvin Klein, on September 9, 2021. Jang Hyun of Hong Kong took her pictures. Calvin Klein’s Spring 2022 Campaign’s new face, Jennie, was announced on February 16, 2022. The inaugural capsule collection by Jennie and Calvin Klein was launched in May 2023. She was the face of the “Baby Fox” ad for Maison Kitsuné’s Spring 2024 collection in March of that year.

For the March 2021 issue of Vogue Korea, Jennie was a contributing fashion editor. The magazine claims that she was an active participant in photoshoots, assisting with concept development, hair and makeup trials, and final styling decisions.

Working Together

Jennie Kim

Gentle Monster is a South Korean premium eyewear brand.  it was reported that Jennie had teamed with them to develop a collection called “Jentle Home,” which was inspired by Jennie’s childhood recollections. Sunglasses, eyeglass chains, and other accessories were all creations by Jennie herself. 

A pop-up shop in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, dedicated to dollhouses was launched in May 2020 by Gentle Monster and Jennie.  Gentle Monster and Jennie’s second joint venture, the smartphone game Jentle Garden, was announced for release on February 18, 2022. It hit the Google Store and Apple App Store on February 22. 

 The following product partnership is set to be introduced in mid-March, and the game was launched to mark it.

The “Jentle Garden” eyewear collection was the third joint venture between Gentle Monster and Jennie, and it was unveiled on March 10, 2022. Hugo Comte, a French photographer, shot the campaign photographs.

 In Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Jennie and Gentle Monster launched a pop-up shop inspired by fantastical realms a few days later. Jennie created the pop-up store home. Gentle Monster’s main store in Los Angeles was the exclusive location to purchase the Lesyeuxdenini limited edition eyewear line that Jennie and the brand announced in April 2022. 

 Jennie created the floral keychain and leather case for the set. A relationship between Jennie and the German automaker Porsche was revealed on October 12, 2022. As part of the partnership, Jennie helped develop a Taycan 4S Cross Turismo model specifically for herself, which she named Jennie Ruby Jane.

Grants and Charitable Contributions

From 2018 forward, Jennie has been actively involved with the “Protect Our Family” campaign at Cheongdam Woori Animal Hospital, which aims to save pets and rescue strays. She was a guest at the 18th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Charity Event in November 2023.

 A gala that raised money for low-income people’s access to cancer screenings, surgeries, and treatments. On behalf of Blink, Blackpink’s fan club, she gave ₩100 million (US$74,400) to the Korean affiliate of Habitat for Humanity in May 2024 to help build a new school for the kids.

3) Jennie’s Personal Life (Boyfriend):

Jennie Kim

According to the source, Blackpink member Jennie is in a relationship. Jennie and G-Dragon of BIGBANG are allegedly dating, according to a report from the Korean entertainment site Dispatch. The dispatcher said Jennie and G-Dragon had met several times. The K-pop stars have supposedly been seeing each other over Korean idols.

Fitness, Nutrition, and Vacation:

Celebrating the coronation of the ‘YG Princess,’ BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim embodies more than simply a mesmerizing performance. Even if her soulful vocals and furious raps take the world by storm, this birthday girl manages to keep herself occupied than a bee in a flower field on a caffeine high.

As hectic as a K-pop concert, Jennie’s schedule is jam-packed with traveling to different parts of the world for tours and hitting the studio at a metronome-level pace.

The Beauty Tricks Told by Jennie

Not only does BLACKPINK’s Jennie slay the stage, but her skin is so perfect it might be mistaken for an Instagram filter. She reveals her skincare tips in the middle of her hectic schedule and ever-changing makeup styles.

 Dietary overhauls, like Jennie’s new playbook’s collagen soup and detox juice, are all about healing from the inside out, so ditch the daily ritual of using two-faced masks. She recently disclosed a nighttime health symphony on a YouTube vlog: taking off makeup, a shower, letting hair air dry, and then off to sleep. 

The star of her show, though? For the lips that get a kaleidoscope of hues while filming, nothing beats a good scrub. What about the magic elixir? Honey, sugar, and healthy oils mixed.

Domestic Details

A gourmet symphony is Jennie’s morning routine. In her Los Angeles vlog, we see her start the day with a toast and cereal duet accompanied by the calming sounds of oat milk. However, this idol’s taste buds are like a flexible orchestra. 

No salty business, just oatmeal vibes and avocado extravaganzas, according to the South China Morning Post. You can eat avocado on toast or add it to salads, but what really makes it unique? Pollock roe with avocado on rice.

On top of that, Lisa, another member of BLACKPINK, drinks an enigmatic cleansing liquid. ‘Jennie Ramsey’ is the persona Jennie adopts when she’s not slaying the stage; she makes scrambled eggs, pancakes, macaroons, dumplings, candied fruit, and more for the band. Get ready, Gordon, for Jennie’s culinary concert, which is about to begin!

Celebrate with the Best Friends Forever

Regarding friendships in the K-pop world, Jennie is king—and not only on stage. A veritable who’s who of the music industry makes up her closest circle, and she proudly wears her best friend badge on Winner’s Song Mino.

 Jennie is the ultimate fan and hype queen, and she is always front and center whenever Mino delivers beats or displays his artistry. And that’s not all: she performs a dance trio with Irene and Yeri of Red Velvet, which is the stuff of stage friendship goals; she also brings along Chahee, Nayeon, Doyeon, and Canadian superstar Grimes.

 Everyone wants a piece of Jennie’s friendship pie, including Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Hoyeon Jung of Squid Game! So much for thinking her VIP list stops there!

Basking in the Glow of the Camera

Jennie of BLACKPINK is turning heads with her devoted photography page, ‘J’ (lesyeuxdenini), much to the chagrin of the paparazzi. ‘A narrative that eye observed’ is more than simply an art museum; it’s a visual novel.

 Her camera captures a wide variety of scenes, from carefree couples dancing their hearts out to naughty kids playing tag with water fountains. But wait, there’s more! It’s actually a romance between vintage film cameras.

 Using the Contax classics, specifically the T2 and T3, Jennie captures moments like a photographic sorceress in a world where film is the only accurate medium, according to an article in the South China Morning Post.

All Things Pilates and yoga

Aerial yoga and pilates are BLACKPINK member Jennie Kim’s hidden weapons, complementing her throbbing sounds and dazzling dance routines. She stays in concert-ready shape by working out onstage, but she also incorporates some aerial acrobatics and reformer magic.

 It’s not just a casual fitness fling – she apparently delves into several hour-long sessions five days a week, as if prepping for a fitness concert of its own. She uses Instagram as a fitness journal, showing off her adventures on the trapeze table and demonstrating that even the K-pop aristocracy should take a class in aerial silks.

 In BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, she uses the reformer to discuss with her instructor, who is both a fitness expert and a confidante, making exercise seem like casual talk. An impressive display of camaraderie and muscular strength!

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4) Some Latest News About Her

Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim has Made Her Runway Modeling Debut! Blackpink Member’s Jacquemus Catwalk Debut: Poised Strides

After checking the roles of singer, rapper, actor, performer, and CEO off her list of priorities, Blackpink’s Jennie has formally reached her “runway model era.”

Another item on Jennie Kim’s to-do list was checked off on Monday, June 10th. Finally making her runway debut, the K-pop star also performs as a rapper, actress, and singer. She stunned the fashion industry by abruptly ending the Jacquesmus “La Casa” boat presentation, which was a joyous occasion commemorating the brand’s fifteenth anniversary.

Set against the stunning backdrop of a cliffside sea vista on the Italian island of Capri, Jennie’s entry into the fashion world was an unforgettable experience.

 In spite of the star-studded crowd on the roof patio of Casa Malapart—which included Dua Lipa, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others—the multitalented Odd Atelier creator stole the show in a sleeveless, black midi dress. Jacquesmus paired her outfit with her turquoise Le Rond Carre bag.

She has been to other performances at the “Maison” before, so the SOLO vocalist is familiar with the venue. Just twenty-four hours prior to the start of the fashion show, Jacquesmus took to social media to brag about Jennie’s attendance.

Speculations about the Blackpink member’s official involvement as the brand’s face began when she appeared in a mysterious carousel Instagram post.

The 28-year-old actress posed in the same hairstyle she wore on the show against the breathtaking backdrop of the island. Glancing around the stunning island, Kim admired its breathtaking beauty while wearing black sunglasses and a crimson towel wrapped around her as a dress.

Although Jennie is close with Jacquesmus, she is also familiar with the model’s magnetic presence. Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gentle Monster, and countless more have all had her spearhead significant campaigns in the past.

Her many appearances in old Chanel gowns from the ’90s, including her most talked-about Met Gala debut in 2023, led admirers to lovingly refer to her as the “Human Chanel” due to her long history with the luxury label.

Is BLACKPINK’s Jenny About to Leave The Group?

Jennie Kim

Has an age come to a close?

After making her HBO debut on The Idol with The Weeknd and later teaming with him and Lily-Rose Depp on the song “One of the Girls,” BLACKPINK vocalist Jennie Kim has been in the limelight for quite some time. Fans are bewildered and heartbroken by the rumors that Jennie may be leaving. Do you believe the rumors? If you want to know more, you can keep scrolling.

A member of the YG Entertainment-formed K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has become an instant sensation, winning over fans around the globe. Jisoo and Jennie, for example, have both achieved solo success via to international collaborations, acting roles, and other opportunities. 

Band member Jennie Kim, better known by her stage name “Jennie,” has been in the news recently due to speculation that she is about to leave the group. It all began on the Chinese social media site Weibo, where a user commented, 

“According to the most recent credible source, Jennie will end her contract with YG Entertainment following the Encore concerts.” Another user added, “BLACKPINK Jennie will not be renewing her exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

” Lisa has stated her decision to leave the company. However, talks between the two parties are ongoing. Rosé has officially joined forces with Black Label. Either YG Entertainment or Black Label will sign Jisoo.

Following her appearance on The Idol, an HBO talent competition, and her partnership with Calvin Klein, a high-end fashion label, Jennie has been in the news recently. The actor’s potential involvement in the Asian superhero series Team Agents of Atlas in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the subject of much conjecture.

 The singer became the first female K-pop soloist to have a single, “SOLO,” which she debuted in 2019, reach the top of the iTunes songs chart worldwide.

However, it is still unclear if this star has officially left the group. At the moment, her admirers are happy with her output and are crossing their fingers that the band will extend their contract.

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5) Some Facts

Jennie Kim

Who Is Jennie Kim of Blackpink? Learn About the ‘The Idol’ Star’s’ Salary, Family, and Career

Jennie of Blackpink: Her performance on Max’s The Idol demonstrated that Kim is capable of much more than that. Read on for information about her family, profession, net worth, and more.

Is Jennie Kim Worth How Much Money?

Joining the most popular female K-pop trio on the planet is a lucrative career move. According to a number of sources, Jennie is worth around $10 million.

What is Jennie Kim’s Income Source?

Along with Kim Jisoo, Roseanne Park, and Lalisa “Lisa” Manobal, the rapper and singer was announced to be a part of YG Entertainment’s newest female group on June 1, 2016. As a result of her meteoric rise to fame in 2018, Jennie dropped her first studio album, Solo, which featured the title track.

 In 2019, she became the first Korean solo artist to perform. The Sahara stage was Blackpink’s first appearance at Coachella that year.

In 2023, four years later, Blackpink headlined Saturday Night at Coachella. In the same year, they also began their Born Pink stadium tour of the United States.

Being a global spokesperson for Calvin Klein and having collaborated on multiple capsule collections featuring goods such as T-shirts, knitwear, and underwear sets, Jennie has no shortage of endorsement partnerships. In addition to her role as a Samsung Galaxy spokesperson, she also represents the Korean luxury beauty brand Hera.

How Active Is Jennie Kim?

Seen opposite Lily-Rose Depp and Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye in Max’s The Idol, the stunning beauty makes her big-screen debut as Dyanne. On top of being the show’s dominant screen presence, she has also showcased her singing and dancing abilities on Sunday nights when the show airs. Jennie and her character, who goes by the name “Jennie Ruby Jane,” frequently trend on Twitter.

What Does Jennie Kim’s Family Look Like?

Amomama states that her mother is a director and shareholder for CJ E&M, a South Korean entertainment media firm. However, neither her dad’s nor her mom’s identities have been revealed. The name and location of the hospital that her father runs have not been disclosed, according to GH Gossip.

Being an only child, Jennie and her mom have a special bond. My loved ones are the ones responsible for shaping my character. When times go tough, I know I can rely on them. She spoke to Korean Vogue in 2020 about the people who had the most impact on her life, including her mother.

A considerable donation commemorates BLINKS fanbase from BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

BLACKPINK member Jennie Kim, better known by her mononymous stage name, Jennie, demonstrated her devotion to her fan base.

The vocalist of “How You Like That” reportedly gave a large sum of money on behalf of BLINK fans on May 18th, according to All K-pop.

The worldwide housing welfare organization Habitat for Humanity Korea allegedly received a donation of 100 million won (about USD 74,000) from the 28-year-old South Korean artist and rapper.

Donated to a non-profit with the express purpose of easing the housing burden on Korean youths returning to their home country for the purpose of furthering their education.

The young students will reportedly be able to use the gift to build Rodemnamu International Alternative School.

The pupils will have a safe place to reside and an excellent educational experience at the school.

There was an expression of appreciation from the nonprofit housing organization for the large donation to the “Korean Youth Support Project.”

“The donation that Jennie sent in the name of BLACKPINK’s fan club, BLINK, will be used to build Rodemnamu International Alternative School, where Korean youth develop their dreams,” according to them.

“We are profoundly grateful to Jenni and would like to express our deepest thanks. And BLINK for their precious sharing,” according to them.

Twenty Eye-Opening Details Regarding Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim

Among Hollywood’s A-listers, Jennie Kim is among the most famous and desirable. Jennie, a member of the prevalent Korean musical group BLACKPINK, has won over fans all over the globe with her stunning good looks and magnetic personality.

 But this gifted artist is more than meets the eye. Twenty interesting facts about Jennie Kim will be explored in this essay, illuminating her rise to fame, distinctive character, and influence on the music business. 

We will delve into the many aspects that make Jennie a remarkable celebrity, starting from her humble beginnings as a trainee and continuing through her ascent to stardom.

Kim Jennie is a famous South Korean idol.

Jennie Kim’s mesmerizing stage presence and distinctive singing powers have brought her worldwide popularity as a member of the famous girl group BLACKPINK.

On January 16, 1996, she entered this world.

The sign of Capricorn best describes Jennie Kim, who was born on January 16. Her dogged persistence and impressive work ethic have made her famous.

Jennie Kim spent six years honing her skills at YG Entertainment.

South Korea’s most prestigious entertainment agency, YG Entertainment, provided Jennie Kim with extensive training before she made her K-pop debut.

She goes by the name “Jennie” when performing.

As a member of BLACKPINK and a solo artist, Jennie Kim is known as “Jennie” when she performs. This furthers her air of mystique and secrecy.

A number of languages are within Jennie Kim’s command.

The multilingual Jennie Kim can speak Korean, English, and Japanese fluently. Her international charisma stems in part from her natural gift for language.

With the release of “Solo,” she debuted as a solo artist.

Released on November 12, 2018, “Solo” immediately became a huge smash. Jennie Kim demonstrates her flexibility as an artist in this song.

There have been more than 600 million views of the “Solo” music video on YouTube.

Thanks to Jennie Kim’s meteoric rise to fame, her music video for her solo debut has amassed millions of views on YouTube.

When it comes to style, Jennie Kim is a household name.

Jennie Kim has risen to the position of K-pop style icon because of her impeccable taste and impeccable sense of style. She frequently teams up with well-known clothing labels.

Jisoo, another member of BLACKPINK, is someone she is really close with.

Jennie Kim

The friendship and camaraderie that Jennie Kim and Jisoo have is unparalleled. In their conversations and encouragement of one another, they frequently display their love for one another.

A dog named Kai is Jennie Kim’s pet.

Jennie Kim has a soft spot in her heart for the adorable and charming puppy Kai. On social media, she frequently posts cute movies and photos of the two of them.

Her television appearances are extensive.

Many well-known Korean variety shows have included Jennie Kim as a guest, giving viewers a taste of her charming personality and comic timing.

One of Chanel’s brand ambassadors is Jennie Kim.

Famous premium fashion label Chanel chose Jennie Kim as a brand ambassador due to her impeccable taste and gracefulness.

Notable artists have collaborated with her.

With her work with famous artists like G-Dragon, Lee Hi, and Dua Lipa, Jennie Kim has cemented her place in the music world.

“Human Gucci” and “YG Princess” are among Jennie Kim’s monikers.

She is known as the “YG Princess” because of her relationships with YG Entertainment and the “Human Gucci” due to her impeccable taste in clothing.

Upon joining Instagram in 2018, she quickly amassed a following of millions.

Jennie Kim’s Instagram account became famous very fast, drawing in millions of fans who can’t wait for her fashionable updates and posts.

Jennie Kim does charitable work.

She is dedicated to making a positive difference in society, and she shows it via her active participation in philanthropic efforts and donations to numerous organizations.

Black is her favorite color.

The color black, which is associated with refinement and class, is an ideal complement to Jennie Kim’s fashion sense and stage presence.

When Jennie Kim is free, she loves to paint.

When Jennie Kim isn’t performing or writing music, she finds peace in painting, which gives her a new outlet for her creativity.

“Jennies” is the name of her devoted fan base.

The unwavering love and support from Jennie Kim’s devoted fan base, affectionately known as “Jennies,” propels her artistic career and creativity.

Jennie Kim is an inspiration to many young artists.

Many people look up to Jennie Kim as an inspiration because of her talent, charisma, and perseverance in the entertainment world.


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