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Rankings of the Top 20 International Universities for 2022–2023

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Rankings of the Top 20 International Universities for 2022–2023

 Here are the top 20 international universities ranking in 2022 and 2023 for students interested in being a part of a top university.

The academic research performance and worldwide and regional reputations of these institutions from the United States and over 90 other nations were evaluated using 13 metrics. These rankings are useful for students interested in learning more about their research opportunities at universities worldwide. The top 20 international universities in the world are listed here.

 Top 20 International Universities

The Ivy League Harvard

Established in 1636, Harvard University is the nation’s oldest university, continuously used since its inception. The percentage of international students at Harvard is well above 20%. These students are mostly attending graduate schools.

The Harvard Medical School and associated facilities are in Boston, even though the main campus is in Cambridge. This is the only educational institution comparable to the university’s endowment. Harvard is home to over a hundred research centers investigating various topics.

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University of Massachusetts in Cambridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston) is where MIT was founded in 1861. Of the university’s 11,000 total students, around 60% are engaged in graduate-level courses. MIT is home to five distinct academic divisions, including the Department of Architecture and Planning, the Department of Engineering, the Sloan School of Management, the Department of Science, and the School of Architecture and Planning.

The language of instruction at MIT is English. There is a 4-1-4 schedule of “Independent Activities Period” time provided in January of the school year. Forums, lecture series, recitals, and other special activities are held during this time of year to bring current students, graduates, professors, and alumni together.

The University of Stanford

Approximately thirty miles south of San Francisco, in the San Francisco Bay Area, is where Stanford University was established in 1885. The percentage of graduate students is significantly higher than that of undergraduate students.

There are seven colleges in the university, many of which are among the best in the world regarding postgraduate education. The faculties of Humanities and Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Engineering are the only ones that offer undergraduate and graduate study levels. Only postgraduate degrees are available in business, law, education, and medicine. Stanford uses a quarter system with English as the language of instruction.

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Berkeley, California’s University

About 15 miles north of San Francisco, in the region known as the Bay Area, is where you’ll find the University of California, Berkeley. Founded in 1868, UC Berkeley is a public research institution. Seventy percent or more of Berkeley’s student body is comprised of undergrads. Classes are held during the summer, winter, fall, and spring semesters, and English is used as the teaching medium.

Oxford University

The University of Oxford has been around since at least the year 1096. However, the actual year of its establishment is a mystery. About sixty miles to the northwest of London is where you’ll find Oxford, where about forty-five percent of the student body comprises doctoral students. 

Research is required by more than half of Oxford’s postgraduates. All four of Oxford’s academic departments—the humanities, the mathematical, physical, and biological sciences, the health sciences, and the social sciences—conduct research. 

Michaelmas (autumn), Hilary (spring), and Trinity (summer) are the three eight-week terms that makeup Oxford’s academic year. English is used as the medium of instruction throughout the institution.

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Washington State University in Seattle

Founded in 1861, the University of Washington is a prestigious public research university. Seattle, the state’s most populous city, is home to the university’s original and currently largest campus in student body size. 

Two more, smaller campuses were established in Bothell and Tacoma, Washington 1990. Approximately 70% of the total student body at the university is comprised of undergraduates. 

Nonetheless, over 370 graduate-level offerings are available at the enormous university. Non-Washington residents pay a higher tuition rate, but all undergraduate and graduate students have access to university housing. All classes at U.W. are conducted in English and follow a quarter system.

College of Columbia

Established in 1754, Columbia University is a private research university. It may be found in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City. The school’s current name dates back to 1896, when it was renamed King’s College. 

Thirty percent of Columbia’s student body comprises undergraduates, and nearly as many (29.7 percent) are international students. More than 90% of undergraduates and some graduate students live in university accommodation. The Columbia University academic year is divided into two terms (fall and spring), and all courses are taught in English.

College at Cambridge

Cambridge University, around 60 miles north of London, has been around since 1209. The university has a total enrollment of around 19,000, with over 35% graduate students. The six departments are the arts and humanities, biology, medicine, humanities and social sciences, physics, and technology. 

These institutions are made up of dozens of different departments and faculties. Cambridge’s academic year is split into the Michaelmas (autumn), Lent (winter), and Easter (spring) terms. The academic curriculum is delivered in English.

Institution of Higher Learning in California

Originally established in 1891 under the name Throop University, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) adopted its current moniker in 1920. Located in the San Gabriel Valley, Asadena is a suburb of Los Angeles. 

It is home to a science and engineering-focused university. About 55 percent of Caltech’s roughly 2,200 students are enrolled in graduate programs.

 The teacher-to-student ratio is excellent, at only 3:1. The percentage of overseas students at Caltech is over 25%. The school uses the quarter system to organize its academic year, and English is used in the classroom.

The University of Johns Hopkins

The prestigious Johns Hopkins University has been open to students since its founding in 1876. The institution maintains campuses in and around Baltimore and Washington, DC, as well as in Italy and China. Undergraduates mostly attend classes at the Homewood campus, which is located in north Baltimore. 

All but a few departments at the university follow a semester schedule, with an optional extra three weeks of classes at the beginning of the year. The lessons will be given in English.

 All incoming freshmen must reside in university housing for the first two years of college. Except for the conservatory’s Peabody Institute, the university does not provide housing for graduate students.

Yale University

One of the oldest universities in the United States, Yale was established in 1701. The private institution’s New Haven, Connecticut campus is about eighty miles north-northeast of New York City. About half of Yale’s student body is comprised of undergrads.

 Students from over 110 countries comprise about 20% of the student body. The university operates on a semester system, and English is used extensively in the classroom. The institution provides housing for more than 80% of its undergraduates, and there are also options for its graduate students.

College of Medicine in London

top 20 international universities

UCL, short for University College London, was established in 1826 as a public research university in London. It followed the institution of Oxford and the University of Cambridge as the third English institution to be founded. 

UCL has its main campus in the heart of London and campuses in Qatar and Australia. UCL collaborates with institutions such as the University of Montreal in Canada and Zhejiang University in China through exchange, research agreements, and cooperation. 

Around 150 nations are represented among UCL’s student body, and those outside the United Kingdom and European Union are charged a higher tuition rate. First-year students at the university are assured a place to live. There are three semesters in a year at UCL, and all classes are taught in English.

Imperial University of London

The Imperial College of London was established 1907 as a public research university. In 2007, the university separated from the University of London, where it had been a college. The science-focused institution has several campuses spread out across the Greater London area. 

South Kensington, a district in Central London that is also home to the Natural History Museum is where the main campus can be found. Imperial has about 15,000 students and charges greater tuition than those outside the European Union. 

Only first-year students are guaranteed university housing, and only a few rooms are kept for upperclassmen. Students at the Silwood Park campus, around 25 miles west of Central London, can live in on-campus graduate student housing.

Los Angeles State University

UCLA, Los Angeles, was established in 1919 as a public research university. The number of applications to this school puts it among the top in the country. About 70% of UCLA’s student body is comprised of undergrads. 

About 13% are international undergrads, and 20% are international grad students. Non-Californian students must pay an additional fee. First-year undergraduates at UCLA are guaranteed accommodation for three years, and some university housing is also available for graduate students.

Penn State College of Medicine

Penn, as it is commonly referred to, began its educational mission in 1740. Nearly half of the full-time students at the private Ivy League school in West Philadelphia are undergraduates. Students from over a hundred countries comprise about 19 percent of the student body. 

Over a single academic year, over 40% of Penn’s international freshmen came from Asia, 20% from Europe, and approximately 15% from North America outside the United States. The academic year is divided into two terms (fall and spring), and English is the language of instruction.

 All first-year students must live on campus; some may choose to remain there for subsequent years, but this is not guaranteed. Graduate students can also find on-campus housing.

The Ivy League’s Princeton

Princeton University is one of the oldest colleges in the United States, established in 1746. The private university was formally renamed Princeton from the College of New Jersey in 1896. Princeton, New Jersey, is about 50 miles southwest of New York City, where the university is located. Nearly two-thirds of Princeton’s total student body of around 8,000 are undergraduates. 

The percentage of overseas students at Princeton ranges from 12 to 40 percent. Undergraduate students are assured on-campus housing during their whole four years. Six undergraduate residential colleges at Princeton provide students various educational and extracurricular opportunities. About 70% of graduate students call campus housing home as well.

San Francisco State University of California

The (UCSF) was established in 1864 as a public research university. The University of California, San Francisco, is a graduate-level institution with campuses across San Francisco that focuses on health sciences.

Parnassus, Mission Bay, and Mount Zion are the three primary campuses. More than three thousand kids enrolled in the most recent academic year. Non-Californians pay a premium for tuition. However, student housing is close to the Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses.

University of Toronto Own Honest and Famously Excellent University

The University of Toronto (UToronto) was established 1827 as a public research university. Approximately 80% of its pupils are enrolled in undergraduate programs.

 St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough are the three university locations outside Toronto. Upwards of 60% of the university’s undergraduates and 95% of its graduate students attend classes at the St. George campus in the city’s heart. 

More than 160 nations and regions are represented among the University of Toronto’s tens of thousands of international students. China, India, and the United States have been the top three countries sending students to Canada in recent years. Foreign students must pay a higher tuition rate.

A College in Michigan

Publicly funded since its 1817 inception, the University of Michigan established its Ann Arbor campus in 1837. Less than 45 miles to the west of Detroit is where you’ll find the university’s main campus. 

About 65% of the more than 40,000 students at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbour are undergraduates. More than 110 countries are represented among the school’s international student body. Students from other states must pay a higher tuition rate. 

Many but not all departments at the university use a trimester schedule. Although English is the teaching medium, the university offers classes in more than sixty-five languages. All students are welcome at the university, and freshmen are assured a place to live.

California State University, San Diego

Established in 1960, U.C. San Diego is a public research university. It can be found in San Diego, California, in the La Jolla neighborhood beside the Pacific Ocean. Seventy-five percent or more of the student body are undergrads.

 The university provides more than a hundred different undergraduate majors. Undergraduates at U.C. San Diego are grouped into Pasadena, a city in the San Gabriel Valley, just outside of Los Angeles. One of the six residential colleges in the university serves as a smaller academic and social community. 

Housing is guaranteed for two years for all first-year and transfer students. Graduate students have access to the same housing options. Students from other states must pay a higher tuition than their in-state counterparts. The academic calendar at UCSD is divided into quarters, and all classes are taught in English.

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