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Students Useful Websites: Crazy Handy Websites That Might Be Necessary For Students

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Students Useful Websites: Crazy Handy Websites That Might Be Necessary For Students

Students Useful Websites

Learning to be efficient should be one of your top priorities in any institution if you want to succeed academically. Fortunately, several Students Useful Websites that can significantly reduce their workload.

The first set of links is a collection of resources that might be useful for your research projects. The second set of links is a compilation of websites that could meet any additional needs you might have as a student.

Students Useful Websites

While some resources will lead you to scholarly articles, others will only show you what’s for sale. Depending on your interest, some websites are more practical than others. Additionally, must adhere to lawful means of collecting sources. Without the author’s consent, some websites publish digital versions of books online.

Where Can I Find the Students Useful Websites?

There is a good chance you have a preferred website or two that you frequent to see content or express yourself online. The news and social media platforms are undoubtedly vital to our daily lives. But do you have a curated collection of student-friendly websites that can be an academic godsend?

With students like you in Mind, we have compiled a list of the top websites for students, including those that offer study aids, a database of scholarly publications, and a plagiarism checker of the highest quality. 

Keeping up with current events can inspire fresh ideas and simplify mundane tasks, and some of these sites will help you do that. Some are supplementary study tools for those who could use more help. On top of that, we can connect you with resources that can help you land a job.

Watching TED Talks is excellent if you’re looking for inspiration to think outside the box and find novel perspectives on everyday topics. There are a variety of presenters and thousands of original films to help you learn something new every day. Talks given by prominent figures and specialists in practically any field are readily available.

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Benefits of the Most Students Useful Websites

Students Useful Websites

Many websites are great resources because of their versatility and ability to make students’ lives easier. Among the many advantages of utilizing top student useful websites in the year 2024 are the following:

  1. These websites offer students online textbooks, research papers, study guides, literature review help, and instructional videos.
  2. Thanks to these websites’ accessibility, students may study and learn at their own pace anywhere with an internet connection.
  3. Students can save money by not having to buy expensive textbooks or other study materials because most helpful websites offer free or reasonably priced information.
  4. Enhanced educational process: These websites offer multimedia content, quizzes, simulations, and interactive aspects to help students learn in various ways.
  5. Students can reap two benefits from using the time-tracking tools, reminders, and study planners offered by these websites: better time management and organization of assignments and study plans.
  6. Developing one’s skills: With the abundance of online resources available, students can find tutorials, exercises, and other practical materials to hone specific abilities that will serve them well in school and the workplace. Coding, learning a new language, advancing one’s career, and many more are all part of this.
  7. The best website for college students can help students study more, do better in school, and be more prepared for the job after graduation. Ignoring the phrase “take me to a random website” instead of compiling a list of the best resources is the way to go.

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Excellent Educational Resources for Pupils

Things might get hectic at university. Believe us, we know what it’s like. Having resources to help you with budgeting, mental health, and Harvard referencing will make adjusting to university life much easier.

Being a student has ups and downs; some days are more pleasant than others. There is a genuine battle to meet new people, understand Turnitin, and avoid making fundamental financial blunders.

Remember that it’s easy to become mired down in the nitty-gritty. In the end, college is all about you. You can go right with the places you know for affordable cuisine, essay aid, and career guidance. This is the exact reason why these helpful websites exist.

1. Approved Food

What it’s suitable for Affordable meals

At Approved Food, an online food shop, you can find perfectly edible products close to or have passed their best-before date. These are perfect for low-cost weeknight meals and nutritious snacks.

2. Camelcamelcamel

Ideal for: monitoring prices on Amazon

You need this price tracker if you buy books or electronics online from Amazon. One of our favourite Amazon hacks is camelcamelcamel, which monitors prices and notifies you when they drop so you can get the best bargain.

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3. Cite This For Me

Ideal for: Harvard citation style

Envision a website that could automatically generate a bibliography using the Harvard referencing style. Sure enough, it’s nearly there. Among the best websites for students, without a doubt.

Cite This For Me is as easy as entering your source and pasting the final product. I’m happy to help.

4. Citizens Advice Bureau

Students Useful Websites

Top choice for legal counsel

Is your landlord attempting to deduct money from your security deposit?

Suppose you find yourself in a sticky legal situation while attending college. In that case, the Citizens Advice Bureau is a fantastic resource because of its nationwide network of offices and hotline. Lodging, money, or consumer rights may fall within this category.

5. Cold Turkey

For the best results, avoid using social media.

Even while Cold Turkey isn’t technically a website, it will significantly enhance your experience on the other sites provided.

Get the app, and it will prevent you from going to any sites you don’t want to see while trying to get some work done. It can be an absolute must-have if you’re trying to complete more or have an essay due tomorrow.

6. Diversifying

Ideal for: Positions that cater to students from underrepresented ethnic groups

Suppose you’re looking for a job with a company that values diversity and inclusion. In that case, you can see their ads on Diversifying.

Its listings from the public sector and charitable organizations are fascinating. Still, it has limited coverage compared to other famous search engines.

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7. edX

Students Useful Websites

Ideal for: Courses taken at home

The massive open online course provider edX offers a variety of courses, some of which are free of charge. It offers university-level courses in various subjects, so you may expand your skill set and boost your resume.

8. Ethical Superstore

The Moral Supermarket

Optimal for: Eco-friendly food and home goods

This is a fantastic choice if you need to restock toilet paper, laundry detergent, or trash bags.

When you shop online at the Ethical Superstore, you’re helping the planet. 

Like any other grocery store, it offers food, drink, health and beauty aids, and clothing. It’s ideal for those who want to reduce their plastic consumption but don’t want to drastically alter their daily routine.

9. Freecycle

Most excellent for No-cost decor

Need some furniture for your dorm room at university? People post ads on Freecycle for furniture and home goods that they no longer need but would rather not see discarded in a landfill. And guess what? It’s completely free!

10. Google Scholar

Students Useful Websites

For academic and research writing: Academic texts on various subjects can be found using Google Scholar. Although not all materials (mainly books) are fully included, this website is fantastic for improving your bibliographies.

11. Graduate Recruitment Bureau

Ideal for: Connecting college grads with part-time employment

Through the Graduate Recruiting Bureau (GRB), a graduate recruiting consultant, students can find graduate recruiters, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and new businesses. This can benefit graduate degrees, internships, placement years, and full-time careers.

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12. Grammarly

Optimal for: Spellchecking

You may install Grammarly, a fantastic browser extension that will verify your spelling and grammar. Those essays are now error-free!

13. Project Gutenberg

Ideal for: Old books available as free eBooks

Project Gutenberg is an excellent resource for anyone looking for free texts or books whose copyright has expired. It shines in coursework and projects and improves essay quality. Students majoring in the humanities or social sciences will find this website helpful.

  1. Hive 

To avoid Amazon’s book sales

Hive is a fantastic substitute for Amazon for students concerned about the moral consequences of buying books from the company. It sells books from local bookstores in the United Kingdom and returns some earnings to those establishments.

15. Idealo

Idealo, like Camelcamelcamel, is a website that compares prices for various products, such as inexpensive flights and cell phones. It’s a fantastic tool for research when making larger purchases.


Ideal for scholarly publications

If you need to find books, scholarly articles, or past issues of journals to include in your essay, JSTOR is the place to go.

  1. Milkround

Ideal for: Internships and jobs for recent graduates

Milkround is a graduate-focused job board, not a staffing agency. We help people find internships, full-time jobs, and part-time jobs.

18. Mind

Ideal for: Helping with psychological issues

If you or a friend are dealing with mental health concerns, you can turn to Mind, one of the largest mental health charities in the UK. If you require further assistance, the charity also maintains a helpline.

19. Muslim Youth Helpline

Optimal for: Faith-based and culturally competent assistance

An organization that helps young Muslims. The hotline is available every single day of the year, even on holidays like Eid and bank vacations. You can also use our webchat and email services.

  1. Nation’s Debt

federal debt line emblem

Ideal for: Financial Guidance

People having trouble making ends meet can call the National Debtline for assistance. They offer multiple ways to contact them, including webchat, phone, and their Digital Advice Tool. Information on debt recovery, settlements, and legal processes is available online.

  1. Quidco

Top choice for rebates

One of the most well-known cashback services in the UK, Quidco, gives customers a cut of their purchases on eBay, broadband plans, and plane tickets, among many other things.

22. Save the Student

Students Useful Websites

Excellent for: Financial guidance for students

It is time for me to promote myself brazenly! the top student bank accounts, meal planning, budgeting, and quick money-making methods.

23. Sexual Health London

Sexual Health Clinic in London

The most excellent place to find information on sexual health for students in London

Sexual Health London is a partnership between the National Health Service (NHS) and local residents of London who can take advantage of sexual health facilities, including free home STI testing.

24. SH24

Services for sexual health

With a few exceptions, individuals all throughout the United Kingdom can take advantage of SH24’s free STI testing, diagnosis, and treatment, oral contraception, the morning-after pill, and virtual professional assistance.

  1. StepChange 

Advice about debt management is best served by.

If you or someone you know is struggling with debt, StepChange can provide free, professional advice. For instance, it might be helpful if you need help paying back payday loans.

26. Student Minds

Students Useful Websites

Uni mental health support is the best option.

While not technically a hotline, Student Minds provides student-run support groups at several UK colleges.

27. TED talks

Most excellent use: inspiring oneself

To inspire yourself (and find ‘useful’ methods to put things off!), check out TED presentations from professionals worldwide. If you want to finish more in less time, this website is for you.

28. Thesaurus.com

Students Useful Websites

Goodest for Scoring 100% on the “writing style” test

You can use this website to your advantage when writing essays if you don’t pull a Joey from Friends and use the thesaurus for every word.

Describing trends as something other than ‘interesting’ or’ surprising’ could be the key to getting a first, as there are typically bonus marks for clear and grammatically correct writing.

29. The Ultimate Health Food Guide

The Definitive Resource for Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Choices

When you’re sick, knowing what to eat is the best option.

What follows is a table of what to consume when battling fatigue, migraines, concentration issues, constipation, and so on; it is a product of Buyagift. As a hangover remedy, it can be a lifesaver!

30. TopCashback

The Best Cash Back Site

Top choice for rebates

The other top UK cashback website outside Quidco is TopCashback. Pay attention to their Free Cashback function, which rewards you for doing easy online tasks.

31. Stonewall

Students Useful Websites

Ideal for: providing assistance to LGBTQ+ individuals

The LGBTQ+ organization Stonewall offers resources for coming out, health, and overall well-being.

In summary,

Regarding college homework, these are only a handful of the most excellent and helpful websites. We could quickly criticise technology if we think it’s causing too many distractions in the classroom. Nevertheless, we should take advantage of this technology while we can.

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When doing research, what are the best websites that students can use?

Students can find many beneficial study resources on websites like Rate My Professor, TED Talks, Genius Scan, Bibme, and Pocket.

In what ways might students benefit from websites?

An engaging and relevant website makes it much easier for students to navigate the material and understand all problems as an alternative to passively taking notes in class.

Can gaming websites aid pupils in developing their skills and knowledge?

While it’s essential to utilize gaming websites cautiously and consider the content’s appropriateness before playing, they may also be great tools for students to learn and grow. Gamification has the capacity to transform education by enhancing the level of engagement, participation, and productivity in lessons for children of all age groups.


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