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The Role of Joint Family System and The Down Falling of Our Society;

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 The Role of Joint Family System And The Down Falling of Our Society; 

Joint Family System The theme of this article is 

The Role of Joint Family System and The Down Falling of Our Society [6 points]

The Role of Joint Family System; Our Society and Culture

 This is a significant topic that tens of thousands of words will be needed to give it right. I’d like to explain it using as few words as is humanly feasible. Nearly two-thirds of Pakistan’s population chooses to live in what is known as a joint family.

This family unit comprises more than seventy per cent of all residences in the country. It is the predominant form of housing in Pakistan. This yearning exists even among extended families, which are analogous to traditional families in many positive ways and share many of the benefits of conventional families.

The feeling that one is part of a community, the openness with which members are prepared to discuss joyful and terrible times with one another, and the concern exhibited by members of all ages.

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 In addition, the more seasoned members of our group favour this concept. This is because they have the positive anticipation that one day their children and grandkids will coexist peacefully. Nevertheless, the extended family structure bears some

 responsibility for the precarious state that our country’s socioeconomic status is in. On the other hand, we could reach the opposite verdict and determine that the conventional family model is to blame for our Society’s degeneration.

Joint Family System in the Downfall Of Our Society;

Because of that remark, I fully expect to be subjected to the judgments of a large number of individuals. The ethical standards, norms, values, and traditions upheld in our country are being violated by how I behave in a way that is inconsistent with them. But when we consider all of Islam and examine it,

What does Islam teach?

 The marital tie between a man and a woman was ALLAH’s first creation. It is also the first, most crucial, holy, and most significant link ALLAH has ever formed in the history of the world.

But what is it actually that we see right at this very moment? Many individuals in the modern world believe that the connection between a husband and wife is the most complex and contentious type of human interaction that is even remotely possible. 

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What Does Islam Say?

ALLAH urges individuals who believe in him to respectfully obey and observe his commands.

These instructions can be found in the Holy Quran. You will be successful; however, if you choose to follow my orders, I will wipe your civilization off the face of the earth and make it look like it never existed if you leave my orders.

When a person gets married, one of the first things they are taught is that the bride should have her apartment after the wedding. This is not done for the bride’s facilitation in any way, shape, or form. 

This is a matter of fact for a lovely family that lives their lives in line with the beliefs of Islam.

This is a family in which the parents go above and beyond to take care of their children, and each family member contributes to the overall happiness of the household.

And to mould them into the finest citizens, worriers, economists, businesspeople, and professionals with strong character, excellent manners, and a sense of humility.

But What We See in Our Society;

 Economic and Social Impacts Of Joint Family System on Society.

On the other hand, what are some things we have observed about the Society we currently inhabit, and what do these habits have to do with us? This is not the point of the present; you must not think that. 

You have to go back at least four or five generations to discover the moment when our ancestors adopted harmful behaviours from people who are not Muslims. They can also play the role of the good guy. They only adopted bad manners rather than the good qualities of others.

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Still, in doing so, they perform the duties of lying, being self-centred, participating in conspiracies, and being lazy, harsh, and sexually abusive. In addition, they can play the role of the bad guy. 

The most common disadvantage of having a large family live together is that only one or two household members bring in money. In contrast, the remaining members do nothing but eat, have fun, and spend all of their time hatching plots. This is the most common disadvantage of having a large family live together.

 One of the most typical drawbacks of having a large family live together is increased competition for space. Children brought up in such an environment will better understand why we put in so much effort at work when engaging in deception, and leading a carefree existence would be much simpler.

Children raised in such a disgusting environment will learn shortcuts, which is why we put in so much effort at work. Children raised in this environment will better grasp why we put in so much effort when working because of the context in which they were presented.

Two Aspects 

You will also notice two aspects of it, another thing that stands out to you. A person with a lucrative salary and an equally educated wife may exploit the other females in the group for their benefit, which is an unpleasant aspect of the situation. 

A person whose wife is equal needs to be more clever. She will be exploited by others. And this will be witnessed by children, or if the wealthy man’s wife needs to be more knowledgeable or bright, other people will take advantage of this. 

Moreover, this will be experienced by children. The youngsters will also be present to witness all of this.

What are folks who are younger than you supposed to take away from this? That the might is proper for you if you are powerful, this is your right to become cruel, and the first obligation of the week is to take cruelty with a mute mouth. 

That might be appropriate for you if you are powerful. Your strength will determine whether or not someone with your abilities should use the power. It is recommended that while standing up for your rights, you do so in a way that only attracts a little attention to yourself.

The Result

These are the circumstances under which our forbears and ancestors of our ancestors were raised when they were young. Our forefathers even had ancestors who had ancestors. Thus the chain of descent goes on and on.

People’s propensity for sloth, indifference, dishonesty, and other heinous behaviours and the reality that these traits are ingrained in them to the same extent as their blood is.

 And what is our observation right now is a sneak peek into the future that is in store for the next generation of people who will be a part of our population.

Poor manners and etiquette, taking shortcuts, having a short fuse, not putting up much of a fight, not having decent ideas, and wasting nothing but time on the problem are all examples of bad manners and etiquette.

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