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MetaMask: A Guide to Using Binance Smart Chain BEP20 Addresses

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MetaMask: A Guide to Using Binance Smart Chain BEP20 Addresses


MetaMask is the software wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Accessing one’s Ethereum wallet is possible through a web extension or mobile app, enabling users to engage with decentralized apps. The blockchain software company ConsenSys Software Inc., which specializes in Ethereum-based tools and infrastructure, is responsible for developing MetaMask.

Explain MetaMask.

MetaMask is a well-known and widely-used browser add-on that connects to the Ethereum blockchain and serves as a wallet for cryptocurrencies. With MetaMask, users may access the Ethereum ecosystem and its plethora of decentralized applications (Dapps) without storing the full blockchain locally. 

For this reason, it is among the top Ethereum wallet options for gaining access to DEX, gaming platforms, gambling sites, and a plethora of other apps.

The wallet is compatible with the most popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. MetaMask stores Ethereum’s native coin, ETH, as well as tokens developed on the protocol’s ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards.

Aaron Davis and ConsenSys, a blockchain firm, were the founders of MetaMask.

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The MetaMask Cryptocurrency Wallet: How Does it Function?

  • Ethereum is a distributed ledger system (blockchain) that was developed to facilitate the storage and execution of digital contracts. Individuals can earn Ether by executing these smart contracts on their devices.
  • Ethereum nodes are computers that connect to Ethereum. Handles transactions, and shares data with other users. Ethereum-based decentralized applications (DApps) utilize smart contracts to facilitate operations such as bitcoin trades, digital art sharing, and games like Axie Infinity.
  • With MetaMask, you can easily navigate the complex process of creating and managing DApps and blockchain tokens, which is a problem for many individuals. Users can engage with decentralized applications (DApps) through the execution of smart contracts on a node named Infura, instead of their own PCs. MetaMask has you covered when it comes to managing interactions with DApps. To summarize, MetaMask is mostly utilized for three purposes:

Protecting Cryptocurrency

  • As an Ethereum wallet, MetaMask consolidates the storage of Ethereum, ERC-20, and ERC-721 tokens into a single location. the ability to generate and utilize numerous wallet addresses.
  • By allowing users to generate a public and private key directly from their browser, it provides them with greater data control. In contrast to the latter, which is like a secret password that no one else should know, the former is more like an email address that anybody can use to get money.

Token Exchange


Users of MetaMask may easily conduct P2P token exchanges with the aid of its trade feature. It enables users to sidestep intermediaries and third-party custodians. In addition, it collects information from professional market makers, individual DEXs, and aggregators of DEXs.

In this way, MetaMask customers may reduce the number of steps needed while still receiving the lowest available rate.

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Gaining Access to Decentralized Applications

The decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem is only one of several blockchain-based businesses and services that users may directly access. Easy access to decentralized applications (DApps), crypto financial services, games, NFTs, and other Ethereum-powered DApps is made possible with the wallet. Without adding steps or needing additional wallet integrations, it enables users to spend, transmit, and stake their Bitcoin across the Ethereum ecosystem.

What Are the Prerequisites for Installing MetaMask?

  • To start, find a browser that supports MetaMask and download the official extension. The Welcome to MetaMask screen will appear after installation, and after that, you may start configuring your wallet. 
  • Either bring in an existing wallet or make a new one from scratch. If you’re new to MetaMask and would like to create a wallet, you may do so here. 
  • When you create your new wallet, you’ll be asked to enter a password and a 12-word seed phrase to secure it. Jot it down and put it somewhere safe. You will need it to access your wallet again while using a new system or browser. You must enter your current seed phrase when importing a wallet.

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On MetaMask, Which Currencies Are Supported?

Ethereum, currencies built on Ethereum-compatible networks (ERC-721, ERC-20, and others), and BNB Smart Chain tokens like CAKE, SSW, IBAT, and BabyDoge can all be stored in MetaMask.

Chainlink LINK is one of the most well-known ERC-20 coins. Fluctuations in the market, USDT, (Tether)price dropped $1SHIB, Shiba Inuprices fell by $0.000030, OmiseGO (OMG) and Wrapped Bitcoin (BTC). MetaMask is not compatible with Bitcoin (BTC). It declines in value of $ 70.595 because it uses an alternative blockchain.

How Can I Add Cryptocurrency to My MetaMask wallet?

  1. After you launch MetaMask, go to the upper right of the window and click the dropdown arrow next to the account icon. 
  2. From there, choose the account you wish to use. 
  3. Pick the address you want to copy and then go to the “Copy Address” button on the right. 
  4. The initial character of your 42-character MetaMask wallet address is “0x.
  5. ” The format is 0x12r45…6HJ9, and you may locate it next to your account name.
  6. Envision yourself wanting to move Ethereum and tokens from another platform, like Coinbase, to your MetaMask account. 
  7. Using Coinbase couldn’t be easier; just log in and hit the Send/Receive button. Ensure you’ve entered all the required information, such as the amount of Ethereum you’re transferring and that you’ll “Pay with” Ethereum. 
  8. After that, in the “To” field, put your public MetaMask address. 
  9. If you need to provide a note, feel free to do so. In the end, hit “Send Now” once you’ve reviewed your transfer by pressing Continue. 
  10. Someone can also send you tokens by sharing your address.

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Methods for Completing Transactions With MetaMask

Explain MetaMask

In your MetaMask wallet, you may primarily do the following three actions:

  • Buying Ethereum (ETH) via MetaMask is possible using fiat currency. Click “Buy” on your wallet’s homepage. Wyre and Transak are the accepted payment options. Transak accepts Apple Pay and credit and debit cards.
  • The difference between a trade’s predicted and executed prices is called a slippage charge, displayed at the bottom of the screen. 
  • It usually occurs when volatility is strong.
  • You should observe a change to your balance a few minutes after the transaction’s mining or processing on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • With the gas that ETH provides, you may buy NFTs, trade them for other Ethereum tokens, and conduct other Ethereum operations.
  • Please send
  • To transfer Ethereum to another person:
  • Modifying the anticipated gas charge will speed up your transaction.
  •  Reduced gas cost transactions may be delayed or fail due to network difficulties, but don’t worry if you need to become more familiar with MetaMask
  • . Please click on the “Confirm” button.
  •  This transaction will be seen in your history after it has been validated.


  • Choose two cryptocurrency tokens and click the Swap button to swap them. 
  • Choose the token you wish to exchange in the “Swap from” area. Just plug in the bucks. Fill the “Swap to” area with the token’s exchange rate.
  • Next, pick an option for Slippage Tolerance or enter your percentage. 
  • The swap order will be cancelled if you exceed your maximum slippage percentage limit. 
  • Next, choose Review Swap.
  •  MetaMask will search other DEXs and aggregators for rates to get you the best deal and gas price. 
  • After reviewing the quote, click “Swap” and wait for the transaction to finish.

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The MetaMask Wallet and How to Store Ether

When you connect MetaMask to the internet, it becomes a software wallet. It connects users to decentralised applications developed on the Ethereum network. Unfortunately, hackers can still exploit internet-connected devices or software vulnerabilities, such as malicious software or phishing links.

  •  It is advisable to keep your Ethereum in a combination of a hardware wallet (such as Ledger) and a software wallet (such as MetaMask)  a physical wallet that utilizes a physical U2F, provides an additional level of protection. 
  • In order to authenticate every transaction mandated by MetaMask, such as the Ledger, which has the appearance of a USB stick, must be physically linked to a computer.
  • Since MetaMask does not currently allow withdrawal or cash out of ETH, you will have to find another site to swap your tokens for fiat currency, such as Binance, if you really want to do so. The tokens must be sent to the trading site by hand.
  • Easy setup and usage are some of the main advantages of utilising MetaMask. Indeed, a wallet may be yours only a few minutes after installing the plugin. Some more important reasons why MetaMask is a popular wallet among users are:
  • The biggest concern with MetaMask is that your private keys and seed phrases are entirely on you. The loss of your seed phrase might permanently lose your cryptocurrency holdings. Additionally, private keys can be stolen if someone gains access to them, for instance, through a hacked account or an unsecured computer.
  •  MetaMask uses a web browser to engage with decentralised applications. While it does not keep any personal data about users, browsers do record their actions. This worries many people who utilise cryptocurrencies.
  • Being a hot wallet—a cryptocurrency wallet connected to the internet—makes MetaMask vulnerable to assaults, even if it has no major hacking concerns. Also, you need to do the following to keep it safe:
  • Make sure you preserve a private copy of your recovery phrase. This is the only option for restoring your account. You cannot restore your account without this recovery word if you disable your browser, computer, or mobile device.
  • Your private key should never be revealed to anyone: Your digital wallet is vulnerable to anybody who knows your recovery phrase or private key. Keep these facts to yourself.
  • For those with substantial tokens, utilising both MetaMask and a hardware wallet is recommended.
  • If you’re just starting with cryptocurrency and want a wallet that makes maintaining your assets easy, I recommend MetaMask. It is available on various platforms.
  • Thanks to its hierarchical deterministic settings, users may also create backups of their accounts using seed phrases, which are terms that can be used to restore them. 
  • MetaMask generates keys and seed phrases locally for further peace of mind, meaning they are accessible only on the user’s device and browser. You and your device are the only ones who can access your information since it does not give access to other parties.

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How Reliable Is MetaMask?


Yes, MetaMask is a well-known and reliable cryptocurrency wallet that has been around for a while and has millions of users. ConsenSys Software Inc., a trusted name in blockchain software technology, is behind MetaMask’s development, lending credence to the platform.

The wallet team prioritises the security of customer dollars and data, so they have implemented many safeguards. 

One of these is the secret recovery phrase, which is important for recovering and accessing the wallet. Users have full control over their private data because it is generated randomly during wallet creation and never kept on MetaMask servers. 

The capacity to see and administer linked decentralised apps (dApps), password protection, two-factor authentication, and other protections are also in place.

However, MetaMask’s security and safety depend highly on its usage, as with any internet application.

 Users should be cautious and follow standard security procedures, such as not sharing their private keys or the 12-word seed phrase with anybody and checking for viruses on their device or computer. 

You should also install the official MetaMask extension and mobile app from the wallet’s website or other verified sources.

Never forget that MetaMask is only a software wallet—not a cold storage solution—and that this makes it inherently less secure. Hardware wallets are a better option if you intend to store a substantial quantity of bitcoin. 

A user of MetaMask may also link their cold wallets—AirGap Vault, Lattice, Ledger, Trezor, or Keystone—through the browser extension or, in the case of Keystone, the mobile wallet—to this cryptocurrency program.

Benefits Ø Incorporated Exchange Service:

This add-on functions as a wallet for Ethereum and has an integrated exchange facility for buying, selling, and trading the cryptocurrency.

Users no longer have to input private keys for each transaction because this plugin links with their MyEtherWallet.

Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Network and Their Interaction:

Using this function to create and send tokens, among other transactions, is a breeze.

Since the account’s private key is kept on the user’s local device, they can access ETh even when they don’t have an internet connection.

We can work with other decentralised applications. This extension, which works with Dapps like Cryptokitties, allows you to check your progress in the game and add ethers.

Benefits of Using MetaMask:


Individuals who are less knowledgeable about cryptocurrency may readily set up the MetaMask. All that is required of the users is an email phone number. This addition does not need a private key. After installing the MetaMask add-on, users are fully in charge of their funds and transactions.

This add-on is available for free and is open-source. Compared to similar extensions that charge users, this is the main benefit.

The MetaMask addon is compatible with a wide range of Dapps, simplifying the management and transaction of different currencies. For example, Datawallet, Augur, Cryptokitties, EtherDelta, and many more Dapps are compatible. 

Because of this function, a central exchange is no longer necessary to hold tokens, ether, and other cryptocurrencies.

MetaMask allows users access to their cash and transactions through local device storage. This function allows customers to ensure that their financial transactions are secure and out of the hands of hackers.

Now that MetaMask is in use, users may communicate with other Dapps without setting up full nodes. Even people who aren’t extremely tech-savvy will be fine with using it.

One of MetaMask’s main features is the ability to set up an internal wallet. 

A robust password prevents anyone from accessing a user’s private keys. With this functionality, you may use MetaMask on both public and private Wi-Fi networks with complete peace of mind, knowing that your money is securely secured.

One of the main benefits to the consumer is the lack of any sort of conversion rate or fee. Users are spared the expense of transaction fees when exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat currency and vice versa.

Due to the absence of fees, third parties cannot access the user’s financial data to determine the withdrawal costs.

Risks Associated with MetaMask

 The amount of time needed to sync the Blockchain:

Customers often have to be patient as the system confirms their purchases. This latency can lead to increased transaction fees in the event of price changes.

Excessive Cost of Gas:

The computing power required to complete transactions on the Ethereum network, such as buying and selling tokens on an exchange, is called gas. Gas prices change with market forces of supply and demand. Gas prices grow in response to an increase in the volume of transactions.

Security Concerns:

The security of users’ funds is compromised in the event that their laptops or phones are stolen, as these devices store the keys and money. Hackers may steal money from MetaMask and send it to themselves using malicious code on a website. Since the transaction is unchangeable, there is no way to undo or reverse it on the Ethereum blockchain.

Last Remarks:

Because of its intuitive design and high privacy, security, and usability standards, MetaMask is an ideal option for consumers without technical expertise. People may utilise it without shelling out a ton of cash for fancy gear.


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