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Mental Health; Taking Prompt Action Despite Uncertain Circumstances

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Mental Health; Taking Prompt Action Despite Uncertain Circumstances

The ability to take charge in a dangerous environment: Our collective mental health in these uncertain and maybe challenging times is discussed by Glenys Jackson, Clinical Team Manager for Mental Health at Bupa UK, in anticipation of World Mental Health Day in 2022.

Confidence is a human necessity. Humans are hardwired to seek out timeline information and to pay close attention to potential threats. It is common to feel worried when things feel unknown or when we don’t generally feel safe. Despite its protective intent, this response can lead to problems when confronted with ambiguity or contradicting data.

Anxiety stems largely from our inability to exert control over circumstances that we believe we should be able to.

When Discussing Mental Health,

I believe it is essential to emphasize the far-reaching consequences of the rising cost of living, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the worldwide economic downturn that followed the global pandemic. How to recover from the effects of these essential crises and understand their significance to ourselves and those we care about.

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The last few years have been challenging to endure. Our lives have been profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, and other severe global occurrences over which we have little to no control.

Experiencing uncertainty about one’s future can hurt a person’s mental and physical health. These feelings can affect how well we cope with the pressures of daily life. Since it can be frightening to face difficult emotions head-on, we may try to avoid or bury them until we feel more prepared to deal with them. Feeling down is natural, but pushing it aside can harm our health.

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Facing Depression, Anxiety or Tension,

Suppose you are facing problems with your thoughts and emotions… In that case, you should first talk to someone you can trust, such as a loyal friend, a faithful family member, a mental health organization, or a medical professional.

Ignoring or trying to force yourself to ignore the feelings you are experiencing can be harmful to your mental health and lead to destructive coping mechanisms, physical discomfort, and even disorders like depression.

It may become more challenging to manage and treat mental health illnesses if we wait too long to get treatment. It does not matter how you feel at the moment; know that you have people who care supporting you.

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Indicators of Distress

That you or someone you know may be experiencing. The lack of foreknowledge might hurt our mental state, affecting our behavior. It could be helpful to be aware of the most common warning signs that a person is struggling to control their emotions.

Cut off from social contacts

Experiencing more anger than usual

Stressful beyond any reasonable bounds

Broken sleep

Increased appetite and a yearning for heartier, more satisfying “comfort” fare.

Medications to Suppress Appetite

Alcohol use has gone up

Tobacco use and the use of illegal drugs

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Learning to Recognize and Manage Complicated Feelings

Mental Health

Altering your daily routine in beneficial ways may be as helpful as talking to someone about your emotions. Self-help techniques can be practical when you feel overwhelmed, but it is essential to remember that they will not solve the underlying problems.

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If you find that being constantly updated on current events is causing you tension or anxiety, you may want to cut back on your time spent perusing social media and the news. Learning about resilience can help you cope better with adversity by teaching you to acknowledge and accept things outside your control.

Keep up a regular pattern of medication, mindfulness, and worry trees to help you relax and gain perspective on your feelings. – You need to establish a pattern that permits you to sleep for seven to nine hours every night.

Take a daily walk for at least 15 minutes. There are many potentials for it to serve as a form of mental rejuvenation.

Caffeine consumption can be lowered by consuming decaffeinated drinks and foods.

Consume plenty of water and your “five a day” every day.

Maintaining Your Mental Health is Important. Here are Some Helpful Tips: When Facing Uncertainty 

Maybe it’ll make us return to moments when we didn’t feel safe and the future was unknown, or it’ll trigger memories of similar experiences.

Our emotional well-being can deteriorate in certain conditions. Sometimes we are unaware that it is taking place. You may feel more anxious, furious, helpless, or unhappy than normal. You may find that you’re becoming more irritable or want to fully remove yourself from reminders of what’s happening.

 Those of us whose mental health is already compromised may experience an increase in depression or a decline in motivation to go about our everyday lives. Despite what it may seem like from the headlines, we are not helpless. Our reaction is always up to us. 

Maintaining your mental health is important. Here are some helpful tips: when facing uncertainty in case you find yourself in a difficult situation:

  • Distinguish between the things that you can and cannot influence. There are actions you can take, and doing so will help. Do a quick hand wash. Please remind your friends to clean theirs. Vitamins should be taken. Reduce the news you receive (Do you really need to know what’s happening when you’re not even there?).
  • Follow whatever it is that makes you feel most secure. Everyone’s experience here will be unique. Therefore, it’s best not to judge yourself against anyone else. It’s reasonable to avoid large gatherings if that makes you feel secure. Still, it’s important to distinguish between avoidance of illness and depression-related withdrawal.
  • Get away from civilization and into nature. Yesterday afternoon, my daughter and I went for a stroll around our neighbourhood. It was nice to get some fresh air and spend quality time with each other while soaking up some rays to get vitamin D from the sun. Exercising is good for your body and mind.
  • Try your hardest to live in the here and now. Perhaps your concerns are double up as you consider both the present and the future simultaneously. Remind yourself gently to return to the here and now whenever your mind wanders to a future worry.
  • Take stock of your senses right now and give them names: the sights, the sounds, the tastes. One method to keep your bearings when life seems out of your control is to practise mindfulness.
  • Keep in touch, and if you ever need help, just ask. Tell your close pals how you really feel. It’s okay to seek help from a mental health expert if you’re feeling extremely nervous or having trouble with your mental health. Talking to people trained to listen to your concerns and help you work through them might be reassuring.

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