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Fishtail Braid for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide

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Fishtail Braid for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide

Fishtail Braid for Beginners

Fishtail Braid for Beginners: Unique fishtail hairstyles are within your reach if you know how to braid. If you have long hair, the fishtail braid is an excellent option for quick morning styles since it looks fancy yet takes little time at all to do.

 The finished product is stunning, Making it a must-have for any fashion-forward individual. Take advantage of the chance to elevate your style with this timeless piece. Additionally, fishtail braids look great but are a bit messy so you can rock them all day long. Using only two strands rather than three, these braids look similar to standard braids.

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Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids have been around since at least 430 BCE. The Caryatids, columns carved to seem like women, were known for the lovely braids that ornamented them. Celebrity stylist Paul Cucinello of New York City and co-founder of Cucinello Beauty says that fishtail braids are one of the most straightforward hairstyles to master despite the elaborate design that makes them appear quite laborious at first.

Are you looking for something easy to learn? Then look no further! “Due to their ease of learning” is the perfect solution for you, without the frustration and difficulty often associated with traditional learning methods.

 “Due to their ease of learning” and start achieving your goals today! and ability to quickly transform one’s hairstyle into a salon-worthy style, fishtail braids have recently been trending again on social media. 

If you ask Cucinello, “These types of braids look appropriate for any occasion, from bridal to runway to taking your dogs out for a strut.” She’s right. “You can be as precise or careless as you like with them; they’re simple to make and don’t need to appear overdone.” Furthermore, there are a plethora of variants to enhance your appearance.

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In two situations, there might be better choices than fishtail braids. The first is that they may not be the best choice for those whose hair is too short or needs more layers. Another thing:

“Fishtail braids might not be ideal for someone who likes a more conservative look or style,” says Hana Chong, a senior hairdresser at NYC THE TEAM Hair Salon. “The fishtail braid isn’t as conventional because it has more style.”

We consulted Cucinello and Chong below to provide their detailed instructions for flawlessly braiding the seemingly impossible fishtail.

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Fishtail Braid for Beginners: 

Fishtail Braid for Beginners

  • First things first: spritz or powder your roots and the rest of your hair with a volumizing product. Either cut your hair in half lengthwise or split your ponytail in half to create two equal sections of hair. “How about we designate one side A and the other side B?” Cucinello proposes. Pick up a little strand of hair along the hairline from side A. “When you get to side B, flip it over and add it. Keep the two sections separate as you go down,” Cuccinelli explains.
  • Second Step: Switch sides and repeat the process. Pick up a little strand of hair at the hairline on side B, the opposite side that matches A. As you work on your braid, make sure to keep two portions distinct by crossing it across and adding it to the A section you started with.
  • The third step is to return to side A, where you started. “Do the same thing again, but this time take a little section of hair from side A that follows the hairline; cross it over and add it to side B,” Cucinello instructs.
  • The fourth step is to return to side B. Combine the A part with a little bit of hair from side B that follows the hairline; then, cross the two sections over and add them.
  • Fifth, keep going until there is no more hair to cross over at the end of the braid.”Tie an elastic band at the end of the braid to secure it.”. You have the option to retain the braid in its current state or add volume by delicately pulling it apart with your fingertips, as instructed by Chong. To make a more natural-looking or “messy” braid, you may “pull apart” the braid by dragging it from side to side to create more space between the braiding. To maintain a lovely or unruly braid, you can apply hair gel or pomade.

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The Top Items for Making Fishtail Braids 

  1. BLAX Slip-Free Clear Hair Elastics

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Elastics are essential for creating a fishtail braid. These from BLAX are favorites of Cucinello’s since they are snag-free, blend in with braids, and won’t break easily.

  1. Small-Toothed Rattail Comb by Cricket Silkomb Pro-50

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Make use of a rattail comb to divide your hair into two sections labeled “side A” and “side B.” If you want your braid to seem more worn in, you may use this pick to loosen it after you’ve secured it in the elastics.

  1. Cucinello Beauty’s Thick Volume Enhancing Scalp Treatment with Styling Gel on Third Place

The Cucinello Beauty Store

Cuccinelli claims that fishtail braids are simple to make with slightly unruly hair yet don’t necessitate heavy styling products. Add some texture to your hair before styling it with this choice from Cucinello Beauty.

  1. Living Proof Completely Dry Spray for Volume and Texture

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One of Cucinello’s favorite things as well. If you’re aiming for a less polished appearance with your fishtail braids, this is the way to go for more volume and texture.

  1. Hairspray by Bumble & Bumble, Spray De Mode

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Cucinello recommends this Bumble & Bumble product for when you want your hair to look its best for a momentous occasion or when you want it all to remain put. He recommends an adjustable hold hair spray to secure the braid. 


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