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BlogkingWorld is a blog of everything. A universal blog includes health, lifestyle, entertainment, parenting, fashion, food, education, business, social issues, and biographies. We want to provide the latest information to our audience because they are very precious to us. We want to entertain them; they can solve their problems with the help of our social issues category, and they can be aware of how great people succeed in their lives.

Blog of inspiration

I am Sonia Khan, and I am from KP, Pakistan. Master’s degree holder in Sociology. Searching on Google for different information is my passion. This is my blogging world. Blog of inspiration: I often search for health-related problems, home remedies, etc., Because many issues are minimal and can be cured by home remedies. But searching, I found that some cases look very small but have the worst effects. For example, AFM, whose symptoms are like flu or similar to covid 19 by impact, is very bad for children’s feet. This thing influences me to think that poor or underdeveloped countries lack sufficient medical facilities, proper resources, and information and are mostly affected by such diseases. I want to make them aware of such things so they can better understand that things are difficult. And we are going to destroy our lives.

Social issues blog

This is the social issues blog because some things astonished me in my experiences and observations. I want to know why some people do not achieve their goals with great effort and a beautiful heart. Or, in simple words, why are most people exploited by others. Why, with great efforts and clean character, do they not succeed in their lives. What are the principles of success? A layman can explain that you do hard work constantly, don’t be disheartened, etc., but when you ask why you fail, he will say” destiny.”

These things inspired me to make a blog, a social issues blog. In a single platform, I want to provide them many things; if they suffer from social issues, my minimal effort is to understand why we failed? What is the reason that we die? Why do other people exploit us? First, we will find the answer to these questions and then proceed.

Blog of any topic

This blog is the blog of any topic that you want? What do you need? Many people wish to decorate ideas, educational news, health-related things, symptoms, cures, home remedies or need accurate medical health care information. There are many things about parenting, delicious food, and entertainment for entertainment lovers. The biography category is for those who are lovers of great people and want to know their life stories. It is for them and many more things that are essential for our viewers.

A colourful blog

This blog is for you. A colourful blog that helps people to find solutions to their problems. In the future, I want to make it more and more useful for my audience. They can seek all the answers they need in their life. I will add more categories to it. Please help me in this little effort by visiting my blog and making me aware of your ideas, likes, and dislikes; your great ideas will be constructive and a great guideline. Please call, like, and comment on my blog if you want changes, additions, or deductions. blogkingworld.com